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    Borderland is full of exciting stories to be told and shared. Border Stories is interested to hear your story, use it for science & share it back to the community! By combining arts & science, we wish to distribute Story sharing cubes across Borderland

    Full description of yer concept

    We wish to hear and study the stories from Borderland and then share the unique stories back to the community! Getting excited? We hope so.

    **What is this about?**

    Border Stories project is a brand new branch of Burning Stories initiative that seeks to understand what is going on in transformational participatory culture events and study their impact on society. We feel that Borderland is a perfect place to experiment with a new type of data collection that also mixes arts and science with a new co-creative approach. We also seek to understand how this might work or might not work in a larger setting. Utilizing lessons learned, the cubes, should they be funded, will then travel to Black Rock City, where Burning Stories volunteers are doing their magic with other research stuff.

    **OK, enough of that geeky stuff, what are you actually going to do?**

    We wish to distribute 20 wooden cubes to circulation during the event. Starting Monday, ending Saturday with a drop off point. These cubes are small (max 12x12cm) that have art featured in them and held a recording device in them so anyone who comes across the cube, can share a story. Our approach is explorative, seeking to see what is out there. The sharing will be anonymous and with consent, the collected stories will be shared back to the community.

    **Sounds interesting, how are you going to pull that shit off?**

    We co-create the cubes with tech, science and art collaborators. We share the cubes during arrival with instructions inside and a drop off point in case the cube is not functioning. The battery and memory should hold for a week. During the event, the cubes will travel around. There is a request to return the cube to a certain location(s) during end of the week.

    Artistic - some of the cubes will be "Mushroom Story Cubes", from mushroom artist Saara Alhopuro Burning Stories will also organise a design event via its website.

    Few of the cubes could be aligned with this dream

    Technology - tech is designed by Burning Stories techie Peter Tapio. The funding has been planned carefully per cube and parts are sourced from Shenzen, China. We hope to get funding for all 20 cubes. Less than -around- 15 funded cubes is not worth the demanding work as quite a few might get lost.

    Privacy - we pay attention to privacy and GDPR issues. The data will be anonymized and no personal background information is asked.

    **What are the risks?**

    We have plenty of experience to navigate during the event so there is not much risk of getting the this all going smoothly but losing the cubes is a real risk. MIT research suffered that during Burning Man 2018.

    There will be a notion that please don’t take this with you i.e karma points minus 10,000 will occur and the re-sell value of this tech is literally zero. For technical details, the blueprint will be available at dedicated web address so there is no need to look the engine room that is sealed with a metal cover.

    EDIT: the GPS tracking (20k) now cut from the budget

    **Yes this is exciting, but what are the outcomes?**

    1) Documenting - we know a bit more what is going on during Borderland and hear the community´s voices

    2) Sharing data back - data is equally everyone´s and it is up to the community to have the play with the stories once we share them back via file sharing.

    3) This is a very important pilot experiment for Black Rock City. Borderland in the bigger picture is a perfect laboratory to pilot out new and then get it done on a bigger scale.

    **Background information**

    For more

    Burning Man Journal

    The pilot data was used in Cultural Correcting posting so we take the development of the initiative very seriously. Hope you can support us too!

    About the crew / artist

    The crew is Burning Stories team of academics, techies and artists. More information about the project:
    Animation what we seek to understand (Burning Man context):

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    Cubes will be built before the event, no MOOP created. In case of possible loss of a cube which results as a MOOP, there are instructions inside the cube a) for a drop off point b) to mail it to Finland in case its found after the event.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    Logistics (1 X extra package cost for HEL - CPH - HEL flight) 1000
    A wooden box 12cm x 12cm that opens from the top for 20 cubes (250 DKK per piece, estimate from professional carpenter, 100 DKK is the material estimate). For this, we look a professional pro bono help from Helsinki, if not available, this is the final price. 5000
    Sound codecs for 20 cubes (200 DKK per piece) 4000
    Controllers for 20 cubes (80 DKK per piece) 1600
    Cables and wiring for 20 cubes (80 DKK per piece) 1600
    Microphones for 20 cubes (80 DKK per piece) 1600
    SD cards for 20 cubes (120 DKK piece piece) 2400
    USB power banks for 20 cubes (400 DKK per piece) 8000
    Rugged button with rgb led for 20 cubes (120 DKK per piece) 2400
    Fillings to all cubes (velvet inside and a metal sheet with instructions typed on them, QR code plate etc) 2000
    Art work materials (paints, pens etc) for all cubes 1200
    Screws and other materials (i.e. metal covers) for all cubes 1300
    Tracking tags for 20 cubes (80 DKK per piece) 1600
    Shipping costs from China for all materials 1700
    Connectors for 20 cubes (40 DKK per piece) 800
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Yes please!

    Prior the event, Burning Stories will organise a cube art design co-creation event at Burning Stories website

    During the event, anyone can be part of this project by sharing stories when the cube comes across!

    After the event, the community can have its ideation about the use of the stories at the Talk platform. This is referring to the activities outside scientific outputs. There is an additional budget item for machine voice covering the original data.

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    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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