Welcome to the BorderlandLand Dream Generator!

This is where we collect the dreams that an all year land-based burner platform could spawn if only the sky was the limit! All dreams are shared here to generate even more inspiration and dreaming.

Use your imagination and paint a picture of your dream in words, images and drawings.
It can be burns, art, infrastructure, happenings, workshops, retreats or what ever you can come up with.

Rule nr.1: Do not limit your dream by reason or realistic circumstances.

Rule nr 2: Base the dream purely on what you would like the BLL to be.

Rule nr.3: If you don't like these rules break them!

  • Only use the Budget function if that inspires your dreaming

This Dream Generator is hosted by the Blivande Dreams platform, but the initiative is not linked to Blivande in any other way.

Artificial Floating Island

Let's build a floating island! (If we can't buy one)

The Art Compost

Last years art, This years fertilizer!

The Dream Gardens

Eat your dreams!


A place dedicated for multiyear camps to store their infrastructure on sight.

Chick City

Malnourished borderling fear not!

The goldmine

Human waste is pure gold!

Artist Residencies - A Dream to Dream

A process & place for artists to reside & create permanent art on the land.

Party Protection

Keep the party at the party!

The cultivator.

An unending source of gourmet mushrooms.

The Zoo

A place to be wild.

The workshop

A place to get tools, machines and space to build, repair, farm and create!

The forest garden of Eden.


The spa!

A place to recreate and relax or minds and bodies.

The Saw

A mobile saw mill to make our own lumber for art projects - sourced from the local forrest!

Fox Den Bar

An underground small cozy bar!

The Connection Heartquarters

A place where we can learn & practice connection though workshops, events, and permanent spaces.

Co-working lab

Spaces to work from & collaborate with one another.

The Treehouse Village

Build your own treehouse in the Treehouse Village, safely and with professional guidance to make both the house and the tree hosts last 20+ years

A stage in the abyss

A floating stage in the middle of this lake with lanterns in the surrounding treetops that reflect in the black water as burning orbs in the infinite abyss.


Tents on poles, walking around on stilts, eating rotten grass, and slowly fading into the mud.

Fow-Dojo & Free School

{ A place to Train and Exchange Knowledge of the "Fire Arts" } { A "Fee school" = "Each one Teach one" } { Potential breading pool for European Fire conclaves }

Meditation Tree House

I want to build a tree house used for meditation and yoga-sessions.