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    It's actually a 1/4 ton structural I beam that will serve as the spine in the relocatable congatrain of apocalyptical machines, making BL industrial again. But it will also serve as a BAR table made out of IRON. It's going to be pretty darn HEAVY METAL

    Full description of yer concept

    I guess that u all know where everyone hangs out at a party, yupp the kitchen. But me and my "Greas Monkey" friends allways ends upp dirty as f***, bleading and laughing in the workshop with a tequila drenched teslacoil sketch stuck to ur chin and doing squats with a rear car axle on ur shoulders.
    The only serious problem with this is that there will be no interaction between sparkle ponys and grease monkeys if the monkeys get stuck in a greasy container.
    So this years soulotion will be a "drivable/relocatable" BAR/HEAVY DUTY WORKSHOP. One of the main purposes with the IRON BAR vill be to produce tent spikes (from the flimsy small 40cm long 18mm diameter spikes supporting ur military tent that dosen't stay put, upp to 120cm 50mm bad ass steel rods suporting bigger art works, circus tents etc when the storm hits Hedeland. The appropiriate "spikes" will be made on site and designed for its specific purpose by an over enthusiastic Greasemonkey on the combo IRON BAR/anvil/weldingtable/beerstand. The IRON BAR will also be equipped with a old school 60 kg air compressor driven pneumatic hammer equipped with a steel bar driver. (If ur in to 1990s porn u might regulary seen it in the background as props.) Partly to save time from phathetic attempts to try to drive down big enought tentpoles in the dried out soil of Hedeland to make the "govermental inspectors and oficiall fire safety personel satisfied". But mostly bacause it's a charm to sitt in a sun lounger in the shade, sipping on an umberella drink while watching a sweaty body clinging on to that oversized thumping jackhammer thats long ago is prohibited for people to handle in the civiliced parts of the world.
    Home made uber macho appropirate tools for extracting the poles from the ground and much more will also be part of the IRON BARS accessories.
    Last years heavily improvised rainmaker "the squirt machine" in colab with "it will kill u 7500" will be part of the construction to create a gigantic water cloud on to hot days.
    The watertank for the rainmaker (Will be towed behind the IRON BAR on its own trailer) will allso serve as a possible bonus fire fighting water tank.
    But, we shall not forgett that the IRON BAR is actually a BAR. But ur martiniglass vill have to coexist with the oil can and ripped apart greasy wifebeater lying on the bardesk/the IRON BAR. And i have to advice u to bring a silk napkin or similar so u dont stain our beautiful grease with non degradable sparkle pony glitter when u take a seat on an oldschool comfy springloaded tractorseats sticking out from the IRON BAR itself if u want to come along for a ride.
    If... if...if, but just if in the highly unlikely case that there wil be no fire ban, I will bring parts of my flamethrower arsenal and other pyrotechnical effects witch will live in symbiosis with the rest of the IRON BAR. There vill be a rusty corrigated steel roof and highly possibly a bunch of cracked oversized loudspeakers pumping the right tunes to keep the grease monkeys slave like manual laber going when the rest since long given upp and leaving there destineyes in the hands of WCH. (Working Class Heroes)

    My plan is to build the whole construstion on my farm during the spring and it will only be assambled at site in Hedeland.
    Allmost everything that is needed for the construction of the IRON BAR is allready scavanged/dumpsterdived and digged out of the groundy. And is allready lying on cargo pallets ready to be abused. Everything that i have previously scavanged for the project will be donated/lent out for free to this dream.
    The budget needed is mainly costs for transporting this fairly large and heavy construction more than 800 km*2 and for spare parts to be able to ervice "small" details comparatively to the size and cost of the rest of the construction.

    To keep the dream realistic time and effort vice I decided to create a dream from "stuff" that i allready have in my posession and labourvice things that i allready cope but might not master.
    Feeling intrigued to get dirty and bleed? But be aware, cause chitt WILL hit the fan.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    Loudspeakers, mistmakers, neopixels 5000
    Filling propane bottles for flamethrowers and burning effects from and around the bar. (If no fire ban) 5000
    Steel and building materials for (THE IRON BAR) that is not allready available on my farm and will be "donated for free" 3000
    Double (Electric brakable) Trailer axles (including wheels) (5 ton) for the watertank supplying the squirt machine aka the rain maker and the fire water pump. 4000
    Maintainance and spare parts for the pneumatic drill, fire pump engine, compressor, new (and safer) electric wiring for the "It will kill u 7500" and other tools that will be used to help other drams to becom realites. 10000
    Materials for making TENT SPIKES and support ropes/wires for other particitants and dreams. (Reinforcement Bars) (welding rods) (ropes) (stone coal) etc. 10000
    Transportation 15000
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    • Will anything BURN? If there is no fire ban, U will be able to se the flames from ISS without binoculars.

    • What is your audio footprint? Old school "oily" thumping engine. Reinforsment bars being rechaped in to gigantic tent spikes against the multi purpose Iron Bar/Anvil

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