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    It's time for some spiritual healing for The Borderland. The Terrible Tantric Teacher to Tickle Your Tonsils. Guru Dave knows how to guide a meditation. He knows a bit of yoga too. But mostly he knows how to get laid. He’ll free you from your ego, so long

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    I have decided to personally fund the shortfall should we meet the newly reduced minimum.
    16 grantlets: I will self fund the minimum.
    38: actual minumum. the minimum will be kindly covered by BL.
    55: full project with all bells and whistles.


    Guru Dave's Trance and Mental Meditation is an interactive satirical comedy experience taking the form of a meditation class, yoga session, tantra workshop and occasional walkable healing. What starts as a sincere meditation descends to comedic destruction. At first audiences lie down for a genuine meditation. But as the meditations begins to celebrate Guru Dave a bit too much, and insult your own unenlightened lives, it becomes gradually clear that Guru Dave is an ego driven charlatan, bent on taking your money, and your girlfriend. The show starts with Guru Dave's followers chanting and singing and banging tambourines, drumming up an audience. They are cleansed and prepared to meet the Guru. That's when the fun really begins.


    The Borderland has invited His Wonderfulness Guru Dave to perform a series of interactive meditations, healings, plant medicine ceremonies and intimate yogas, culminating in a massive group yoga and meditation for the entire Borderland together - or as many as can fit in his private chambers anyway. His wonderfulness has agreed to perform this multi-day extravaganza. Now a word from the divine being himself:

    Greetings Disciples - it is I, his wonderfulness Guru Dave. I am sending you this communique through my immense vibrational power over the astral plains. Cleanse yourself and be ready for a purification, ritual, cleansing, healing, tantric, shamanic ceremony like no other. Who would have thought that Borderland could afford my huge fee, but somehow they have found a way to bring me, my rolls-royce and my entire entourage first class direct from Rishikesh or Goa or wherever gurus like me hang out.

    With my disciples we will traverse the length and breadth of the Borderland, seeking out those who need our spiritual guidance, offering meditations, sacred plant rituals, heightened experiences, powerful visualisations, and any other over priced nonsense that we can come up with.

    We will perform interventions in camps and cabins, forests and glades, lakes and temples, gathering a following, a lucky few who will receive the immense spiritual power of my special love in a grand and final ritual.

    And for the most attractive of you all, private one on one tantra with Guru Dave. Form an orderly queue.

    Guru Dave’s Trance and Mental Intervention is a satire on the world of meditation, shamanism, yogi’s gurus, self declared spiritual teachers, and over priced, unregulated, new age nonsense. It is a wake up call, an invitation to be cynical, and to think twice before blindly trusting those who for a hefty fee would teach you to be free from the personal, psychological, emotional or sexual hangups that they probably carry far worse than you.

    The performance is interactive, immersive and forms a procession. It builds on the success of The Sinners Sermon - a processional satire performed at Borderland 2015, and on The Trans And Mental Meditation, performed at the Nest, Nowhere, BBB and beyond.

    Explanation of costs

    The project already exists to some extent and is re-usable year on year. I improve it each year. Many of the props, costumes are already in my possession. The budget below constitutes only a part of the actual cost.


    1) transporting the project from UK to Borderland - this would appear to be an outsized expense if you look at it as a ratio, because the total project costs are much larger than this application.
    2) upgrades and improvements - the tunic, trinkets
    3) consumables and replacement for damaged items - items that are used up in each performance such as incense, candles, rose water. And items that have got damaged or not been returned - such as laminates for the medallions, necklaces for the medallions etc. This constitutes a very small fraction of this application

    About the crew / artist

    Nadaav has been putting on satirical performance art with a punch since 2015. At his first borderland he brought The Sinners' Sermon, an immersive theatrical satirical comedy on morality, sexuality and authority. And lots of silly underwear. Since then he has written and performed shows at Nest, Nowhere, Burning Man and many other burns as well as theatres and venues in London. His work is loud, in your face and sometimes a little offensive. But it is usually trying to make an important point, with laughter along the way.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    None expected - anything found/created by accident will be addressed.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    bank fee - the Borderland's chosen bank charges £20 for transfers to GBP - Happy to drop this if Borderland will agree to move to Transferwise/paypal/some other cheaper forex system! 175
    option if we receive adequate budget: bringing the massive guru dave backdrop (transport of outsized item) - no idea how to get this to Borderland but if I can find someone driving a van from UK I'll offer them this to take it 500
    tunic 250
    elastic 14
    elephant god necklace 30
    trinkets (relics of the living guru) 55
    fake crystals 110
    beaded necklaces for followers 75
    laminate pouches for guru medallions 65
    Cable ties 50
    Transportation of props (uk to borderland and back - one large suitcase) - I am committed to trying to find a cheaper transport option - this is the max I think it would cost, if I have to fly with it. If I can put it in someone's van, it will be less 570
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    I would love to invite borderlings to participate as followers of the Guru. This is a fun, co-created, interactive role. It involves some singing, chanting and the carrying incense. You can be as dramatic or quiet as you like in the role, there is space for all.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Zero, but we might need to borrow a venue

    • Will there be light? Only the enlightenment of your soul.

    • Will anything BURN? I will light the fire in your heart, your soul and your loins.

    • What is your audio footprint? Not significant. Annoying chanting and singing, meditation bowls and perhaps the use of a camp's PA if they will host our final ceremony

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