BorderTinder 2.0 and BorderTinderX . (X-RATED!)


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    BorderTinder is back. And it's even worse!

    BorderTinder is the interactive, life-size dating app that asks what would it be like if you treated people in real life just like you do on Tinder.

    Full description of yer concept


    I have committed to taking on a greater share of the costs personally so I have been able to reduce the minimum.

    92 grantlets: I will bring the project and personally fund the shortfall.
    113: Project minimum funded by you, the community - thank you.
    144: Full scale project, all bells and whistles, extra playability, more rounds, and that x-rated version!


    The controversial artwork revelling in the shitty world of online dating is back, for an upgrade.

    How would it feel to swipe past real people, to objectify them in front of their face just as you do online? Could you do it?
    Or would you rather objectify yourself? Become nothing more than a series of live photos to be swiped through, a few emojis to be misunderstood. Will you be swiped left or right?

    With the help of our sexy gameshow hosts, our song and dance numbers, and our life size mobile phone, you can.
    This is the classic TV gameshow, Blind Date, for the Tinder Generation.

    A mobile iphone wonders the Borderland, with real people lining up for dates. Swipe or be swiped; either way, the experience will be awful but you might just find love. And for the matches, we will create actual, wonderful, real life immediacy dates for you to go on right here right now.

    Will you find love, lust or loneliness?
    Last year plenty of liaisons were had, friendships were formed and at least one committed relationship began through BorderTinder.


    What's New in BorderTinder 2.0

    BorderTinder 2.0 has a powerful karaoke sound system, for cheesy love song singalongs, tacky computer game noises, and game show applause.

    BorderTinder 2.0 has added interactivity through costumes, props and an actual toilet seat. That's right - this year you can swipe BorderTinder while having a poo - just like normal Tinder.

    BorderTinder 2.0 has new characters - not just a gameshow host and sexy assistant, but TV studio producers, app programmers, and last year's blind dates return to tell us all about their experiences


    What's BorderTinderX

    BorderTinderX is a one off adults only X-rated version of BorderTinder. This is where it gets sordid and smutty. Complete with wipes to clean the screen when you are done.

    BorderTinderX will have right here right now x-rated dates for the matches, hosts to get you horny, and who knows what will happen.


    Nature of the costs:

    A significant proportion of the costs have already been funded through other grants. The construction costs and many props, stationary and other items were funded last year. The costs in this application relate to three main areas:
    1) repairs and managing wear and tear from last year (minimal - the project is robust if used right - damage last year was to one inflatable, one pump, some lights, and the bag for transportation)
    2) upgrades and improvements to the project (mainly audio, and interactivity through simple fancy dress items and a few new props)
    3) transporting the project from UK to Borderland - this would appear to be an outsized expense if you look at it as a ratio, because the total cost of the project has been split through this year and last year.


    Wastage and Re-use

    The project is custom built. It was designed to create no waste as it can be re-usable time and again. I plan to take it to other burns and events. The only significant not re-usable element is the transportation. The audio equipment will be made available to other burner projects when BorderTinder is not in use. (I have tried to borrow this type of audio equipment within the borderland community several times but so far have not been offered anything suitable).

    About the crew / artist

    Nadaav has been putting on satirical performance art with a punch since 2015. At his first borderland he brought The Sinners' Sermon, an immersive theatrical satirical comedy on morality, sexuality and authority. And lots of silly underwear. Since then he has written and performed shows at Nest, Nowhere, Burning Man and many other burns as well as theatres and venues in London. His work is loud, in your face and sometimes a little offensive. But it is usually trying to make an important point, with laughter along the way.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    Everything brought to Borderland will be easily removed - the entire artwork will come home and should create no moop.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    bank fee - the Borderland's chosen bank charges £20 for transfers to GBP - Happy to drop this if Borderland will agree to move to Transferwise/paypal/some other cheaper forex system! 174
    camping stool (part of toilet seat prop) 65
    freestanding toilet roll holder 55
    toilet seat 110
    transportation from the UK (three large cases 2 ways, flights - this is the max it should cost, but I am trying to find cheaper options by using space in someone's van - I won't know if this is definitely happening till nearer the time but I am committed to trying to reduce this cost) 1350
    cover for speaker 265
    Bag 321
    Solar fairy lights 132
    replacement pump (damaged last year) 72
    replacement inflatables (damaged last year) 110
    Cheap fancy dress items for players 435
    Portable PA / karaoke system 2000
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    I'm looking for game show hosts, sexy assistants (all genders, you don't have to consider yourself sexy to play a sexy assistant!), TV producers and geeky developers. These are all easy improvised "acting" roles - mostly just involving helping to gather a crowd and encourage them to play. Non-performers are also welcome to assist. I will provide all the information you need.

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    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Not really. Once or twice we will have to charge our portable karaoke machine.

    • Will there be light? Only some fairy lights to prevent people tripping over the artwork when stored.

    • Will anything BURN? No

    • What is your audio footprint? Yes, modest, and for short periods only.

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