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    Vibrations for the Enlightenment of the World
    Fixed daily program with:
    Morning mantras and meditation.
    Noon yoga and wisdom sharing.
    Afternoon silence and rituals.
    Ceremonial sacred sound and light experiences

    Full description of yer concept

    The Temple of Visions is a Temple for the Enlightenment of the world.
    A temple for you to seek YOUR vision for a brighter future.
    A Temple for the great shift in consciousness, which is occurring right NOW on this planet.
    A vision and the enactment of this vision for all sentient beings in the universe.
    A true, vital and altering beacon of light.

    A Centre point of blessings for the Borderland, manifested for all Borderlings to seek, receive and offer that light of the universe that lives in all.

    A Temple of Prayer bringing forth that which we truly are - Love and Light
    Cocreated to the highest of our abilities from our hearts of hearts
    Present both in the seen and unseen - a manifestation for the awakening of ALL

    7 days of Sacred vibrations:
    A Daily and repeated program consisting of

    * Morning meditation and kirtan (nordic and indian mantras)
    * Noon yoga and Wisdom sharing.
    * Afternoon ceremonies (cacao and other)
    * Sunset ritual.
    * Evening Sacred sound and light experiences
    * Midnight "rituals", ceremonies, song circles and more…

    Every day “Temple Guides" will be present to hold space.

    A big circus tent (made for 500 pax) made into a temple
    A Communal Temple of Borderland for All
    A shoe, drug and alcohol-free space.

    The temple contains 3 “eyes” centred around the Altar- the HEART of “Temple of Visions”.
    Upon arrival in the first and external “eye” (outside); One can lay and soak in the resonance of the Temple on the exterior pyramid platforms and receive what is being offered from the Temple.
    Then Moving into the Second eye; The inside of the Temple.
    One is invited through participation and presence to merge deeper into the energy, through the offerings mentioned above.
    And then finally reaching the third eye. The heart of the Temple; the altar and the elevated, eye-shaped meditation space. Dedicated to “That Inner Vision” through Meditation and Prayer

    The Altar will be Manifested with deep intent and magical focus.
    Crystals for the altar will be brought by all contributors. Sacred Water, Flame, Metals and Geometry. Whatever the Altar will call for in its birthing will be offered and brought together, in humble alchemy and in honour of the ways of Old.

    The Altar will be in 2 Levels - On the ground, and elevated above the ground on the platform shaped like an “eye”. The elevated platform around the alter will be the space for meditation and prayer.

    The altar platform is accessible by 2 stairways - one in each side.

    The temple space is formally accessible from one end of the tent and the opposite end will feature a stage for Ceremonies sacred performances, talks, guiding etc.

    The temple feature 2 stages.
    One inside stage
    One outside stage

    We wish to feature talks on
    Consumption / impact
    Indigenous tribes and culture.
    Plant medicines and hallucinogens
    Conscious living and being
    and…. ?

    And initiatives within
    Kirtan and song circles
    Call to prayer
    All embedding, cosmic Sunset OMM
    yoga and Acro yoga
    sensory training
    guided meditation
    cacao ceremonies
    space journeys
    and more

    Art we wish to make and bring:
    4 decorative mirror crystals.
    6 "pyramid platforms" outside to chill and lay under the stars.
    4 mirror octahedron art pieces as lampposts outside.
    Projections inside the tent at certain nights.
    Quadrophonic sound system.

    A great transformation of consciousness is happening in the world. We are literally returning to the way of the light - Walking our existence in this transformation can be a tumultuous experience in many ways and in many dimensions.
    We feel The Burner community has great potential in aiding this shift in the world.
    We wish to offer a sacred space, to elevate your understanding and a place to integrate your burning experience - A vision of Light. Your vision of a brighter future.

    You who wish to embody light, Love,Calmness and peace on to the planet and on to Borderland Without expectations or judgment.
    Manifesting a Temple for ALL
    Feel Welcome

    About the crew / artist

    Wake Collective hosts art, concerts and "conscious clubbing" experiences, and now a Sacred Temple of Vision - We consist of many deep dedicated dreaming hearts who individually have practised the noble path of returning “home” in each our own unique way and now join forces for this temple at the Borderland - What an honour -Thankyou

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We shouldn't generate any MOOP. All is to be removed. We have "temple Guides” on 24/7 duty to assure the space in and outside will remain moop free. It is a Shoe, alchohol, drugs and moop free space.
    All construction and deconstruction related moop will be dealt with by core temple-team and we have a Moop and LNT station connected to the temple.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    projector rental 14000
    random unforeseen expenses 4000
    fuel 1000
    Van w. lift - rental - days x 9 days 5400
    tent license and location + security test 8000
    Tent transport (truck + crane lift cph - Hedeland - Cph) x 2 8000
    acryllic plates - lightcubes x4 10000
    Laser cutter fee 2000
    LED lightbulb (app controlled - Phillips hue bulb) 1600
    lamp wire + socket (8x150) 1200
    laser 1000 rgb x 2 4000
    stage podiums rental 3500
    soundsystem rental (4 subs + 4 tops + amplifier + mics, cables, dj gear etc) x 7days 20000
    ceremonial remedies 4000
    cable drums x 10 2750
    Acrylic mirror plates for crystal corner deco x 4 11000
    Led lights x 16 4000
    lightchain 1200
    screws - stairway 200
    stairway wood (recycled) - altar platform 1000
    screws and bits - altar platform 600
    Wooden poles - altar platform 2000
    wooden beams - altar platform 1200
    Plywood (altar platform) 3000
    Carpet material - barefeet friendly 5000
    rainbow coloured fabrics (brought from india) 950
    fabrics - "transparent sides" for tentwall - unbleached cotton 250 meters 3000
    plywood plates - exterior chill towers 3200
    Rope - exterior chill towers 200
    screws - exterior chill towers 200
    plywood (recycled from Roskilde fest.??) - exterior chill towers 0
    wooden rafts - exterior chill towers 220 cm x 44 1540
    wooden rafts - exterior chill towers 400 cm x 24 1680
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Besides helping during the construction and build days, the temple has space for temple guides and helpers, camp facilitators, art creation, deco construction and contributors to the program in general.

    The temple feature 2 "stages".
    Indoor temple "stage" and outdoor impro.
    Temple program (inside): People can apply for a slot on the schedule within wisdom sharing, breath exercise sessions, cacao ceremonies, yoga, song circles etc.
    (We will feature open slots on some days, for random initiatives, if it fits within the frames of the Temple)
    Temple program (outside) Impro: An outdoor (non-amplified) "stage" for talks, poetry, acro-yoga and other initiatives. Open program slots available for co-creation

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    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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    • www.wake.earth (https://vimeo.com/318150000)

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? on a general basis we need about 8000w, but at times with soundsystems, projectors etc we would probably be between 20 and 25000. A 16 amp output is needed

    • Will there be light? The Temple will be lit with colourful LED light from different sources. The external platforms will each have a lamp mounted underneath to make them light up in the night. The mirror cubes works as colourful exterior lamp post and we aim for visuals projections on some evenings. Both inside the temple as perhaps projected ONTO the temple itself.

    • Will anything BURN? no

    • What is your audio footprint? Morning 9-10.30: mantra singing (voices). Afternoon possibly medicine music circles (live singing, guitars, jembes etc.). Some evenings: ceremonial music, live singing etc. (But NOT full on orchestras). Soundsystem is for ceremonial music and meditations.

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