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    A room where you can share the deepest secrets to a unknown. Each room is placed at Borderland as far as the persons in them never will meet each other. The rooms could be soundproof so nobody can listen outside what is spoken.

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    Confession chair.

    What is the most exciting thing of a secret ? That it can be told. The thrill of knowing something that others do not possess us into a social role. Telling other peoples secrets can be gossip. But your own is very unique and only a very special person who is close to you will enter it. But when it is told. It loses it's status as a secret.

    Many has a secret they want to share but are afraid of judgement or if the secret is shared with others who might tell others. Then it will lose it's power or can be turned against you. The fear or projecting your inner and be mistaken not fitting in our social rules or culture.

    What about having the joy of telling a secret to someone you don't know or maybe knowing but don't know you are talking to. Like the confession chair in the old church times. Why did people confess and gave up their sins. Were they delighted after talking to the priest. Can you that easily remove the heavy burden from your chest.

    With building two Confession rooms at Borderland we will try to make this social installation. Talking through a voice changer over distance will let you talk to a real human being without knowing who you are talking to. As each room you talking in is separated far from each other in distance. You do not have the ability to run into each other right after talking which makes it less vulnerable to get revealed. The room will be soundproof so nobody can stand outside and listen. You should have completely confidence inside the room.

    The concept of the idea is that make people closer by communicating anonymously. Studies shows when you are behind a media and feel safe you are able to let go of more of your self and be more open to the person in the other end. The difference from a normal telephone is that the voice is scrambled. So talking about secrets can be in the open completely anonymous. And perhaps letting people get to know that their secret even might be requited or they have something in comment. Or perhaps being completely different but understand each other in the same way. Maybe someone needs a friend rather than a Shrink (psychiatrist).

    It is a room build as a stable and soundproof walls which shall indicate security. 4 walls is after Maslow needs a part creating our comfort zone Its important that the communicators feel isolated from outside and nobody can hear them from there. It has an psychological effect feeling safe. Inside the small room there is a walkie talkie like installation which gives the opportunity to talk and listen with a voice changer on. The 2 room are placed f.x. in each corner of Borderland. Most important is there is a constant signal between them. But that they will never meet each other (only if they want to give up the identity). This could also work as blind dating. The little room is a comfort zone where people should feel close enough to share their deepest secrets or desires. There is an very interesting aspect of the perception of the human mind. How we interact of judgement. What if you can remove prejudices from the human mind by an installation ? That I would love to see how this social experiment might turn out. Will the border of being judged get removed. When we judging other we judge ourself and not feeling free of this illusion. Can it remove bad conscious (sinds) like in the church in former times ? Or will people just get a hell out of a laugh of this ? It is also exciting letting up your desires and talk open about a theme others normally wouldn't. Could you ask for advice. discus your secretly business strategy ? Could it be used politically to overrule the government ? Or do you wish to play the free mason ? Many roleplays could also get out of the box. I hope this will join as a tool of perception to move Border-lings closer inside the ring of fire.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    The installation will be taken back home for next year Borderland 2020. No trash or trace

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    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    I hope that somebody will create more bridges to this kind of project. People might meet secretly and make surprises at the festival. there can be co creating in ways of communication. May letting everybody be able to speak in a forum which sometimes start to be hierarchy. Many leads take over (not as evil will) After few years borderland started to have tendencies as the society we try to escape from in one week. With this tool everybody can be honest and tell what they feel in their heart.

    Or maybe some just want to redraw to a little closed room and feel alone after 5 days surrounded by lots of impression and people all the time.

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