The Temple of Токамáк

Annie Locke Scherer

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    We bring you the Temple of Tokamak. Torus like space with tall spire in the center, Islamic patterns. Beacon of light on the ridge. Place to leave those things to let go of. A landmark, Letting shit go, Leaving a trace, Interactivity. Come as you are.

    Full description of yer concept

    The point of the Temple of Токамáк is to encapsuate (in a non-flammable method) the space and presence of the Temple on playa during the Black Rock Burning Man Event.

    It will exist to emulate the vibe, the space-made-from-the-sum-of-its-parts feel, and directionless, yet focused, mentality present at temples around the world. It is there to entreat, to entice, to cajole and implore, to impel and oblige those would be passive passerbys into active participants, to demand participation as it encourages individuality. To implore, to drive, to create through non-creation, to divine, to request nothing more from those around and within it, save to simply be. That is enough, and that is why this project will be unique, memorable, and impactful - because those that will inhabit it are all of those things and more.

    The Temple of Токамáк will be a landmark upon the ridge. The shining beacon of individuality and potential, visible from across the event grounds. The spire rising from the center, created from CNC-routed Islamic mosaics, will be lit from the inside to function as a beacon, as a point of reference, as an end point and a point upon which to start anew.

    This Temple will not create an ability to ‘let shit go’ by self-immolation. Instead, it will provide the space, the means, and the template upon which burners and event citizens can dictate, of their own direction and without an overlay of hierarchy and demands, without structure and scripture, a greater meaning to an event riddled with timelines, schedules, preconceptions and preconceived notions. It will provide a space for members to come as they are, where events can be made or participated in at the whim and fancy of those inhabiting the space.

    The structure itself is budgeted for inputs of coated wood, stainless steel brackets, and a lasting design that will endure long after the week of Borderlands is over. Leaving a trace, yet one which enriches rather than detracts. Additionally, planted wisteria will accompany the growth of the structure long-term, providing it a transformational nature that will shift both the feel, purpose, and vibe of said Temple for years to come, and will allow it to integrate into the landscape.

    Interactivity will be a focus on this design, yet is still in nascent stages (depending on how stringent burn restrictions are, and if we are able to create a ‘heart’ that can be removed and burned of intentions, thoughts, and creations of the Temple’s denizens. If the burning aspect is not allowed outright, we have planned alternatives for writing upon fabric, or potentially crafting messages, mediums, and manifestations on paper that dissolves in water. There is also a possible collaboration with Brooks for a ‘traveling altar/centerpiece’ that can be taken to other burns, recording voices and experiences to be shared down the line and across the world.

    see detailed budget here:

    About the crew / artist

    Annie Locke Scherer has been building and burning since 2014. As a Burning Man Regional Contact for Sweden, she enjoys bringing people together through creative compulsive disorder. Past notable projects include Floreplay (Borderland opening ceremony 2016), Kinetikami (Borderland opening ceremony 2017), and Burning Man Temple Galaxia (Burning Man, 2018).

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    All construction and deconstruction related moop will be dealt with by core temple-team and we have a Moop and LNT station connected to the temple.

    Description Amount (DKK)
    Altar/somethingsomething/pretty thing in center 8800
    Fabric 6000
    1/12th full-scale Prototype 5100
    CNC/welding facilities 3500
    Boxes/tool bench/gloves/work site things 1000
    Wood Beams (45x70mm) 8900
    5% Contingency of things I haven't put in the spreadsheet yet (see link) 13000
    Odds and ends (plants for leaving a trace), zip ties, cnc bits, paint 6500
    Transport 6000
    Floodlighting 2600
    Metal Joints (stainless) 10100
    Bar & Piping (stainless) 12000
    Woodworking tools (various) 2100
    Plywood Wood Sheets 4500
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Yes please! Join our group on talk:

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    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? 8000 watts (~8-10 LED spotlights)

    • Will there be light? 3000 watts (~8-10 LED spotlights). 1 at each of the entrances (x6) and a few in the center providing the "beacon"

    • Will anything BURN? We’d love that but are aware of the potential restrictions. Concept of central “heart”/altar inside that can be removed and burned Also investigating alternatives like some kind of dissolveable paper to write on and have it disappear with methods besides flame.

    • What is your audio footprint? no

    • Next random dream


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