Sēcrētus : a Post-apocalyptic Shrine of Secrets

TRUTH SERUM / Anjali & Nils Mårten

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    Can you keep a secret? Or more importantly, dare you share one?
    We want to build a memorable space for your confessions. A place where you can try your bravery & tell the secrets of your life.
    A surreal sanctum for your relaxation & story sharing needs.

    Full description of yer concept

    Sēcrētus has once been someone's home, or a resting place for something not quite out of this world. Something that merged with our reality, and blossomed.

    An unfamiliar, shimmering fog spreads around the grass from inside its the shrine's walls.
    You hear faint murmuring and voices sharing tales, coming from within. As you step closer, your catch the smell of something pure and calming.

    Sēcrētus is something unknown, but not menacing.
    Sēcrētus is unfamiliar yet somehow...intimate.

    It is a space where secrets are shared and stories are communicated, facelessly or to an ear that's willing to listen. You too have the opportunity to leave your mark.
    All we ask is for you to stay a while.

    You can be a listener, or the one being listened to.
    Confide in us. Share your tale or listen to a few.

    We have a separate, private area within the tent where you can leave your secret, your confession or tale - by a voice recording, or handwritten.
    Our pledge is always and eternally- your anonymity.

    If you feel brave, vulnerable and inspired to share your own tale, a dark confession or a silly secret, you will be able to do so. Your story will echo within our walls. You can leave it here with us and we will take good care of it.

    During the day, we are happy to host your tired bodies and minds, from the scorching sun or the stormy rains. You can relax here. We have shade and calm, safety and neutrality.

    Please vote for us if you believe that such a space is needed or welcomed at The Borderland.
    We are collaborating with the BORDER STORIES dream, for the sake of science and research for our community.

    We would LOVE for you to share your story here, so that we have a few prerecorded ones to start on during the first day.
    Link: https://www.jiffchat.com/m/ua5NOyfd0nBviRRxEV7rut5_egcbXx3w+mF0sp58MLw=?fbclid=IwAR3iInDlOcDvROxrj2TjCiwzn55poVoJ19IR2M7ZONxOZMZpwkIiTGsPDfE

    About the crew / artist

    We are a collaborative group of ten people dedicated to bring a space for your intimacy and bravery.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    Daily sweeps and safe placement of sturdy decoration.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    Tent 8000
    Seating 1750
    Outdoor Tent Cover Extension (Tarp things.) 1650
    Outdoor + Indoor Lighting (Special) 3000
    Transport 1000
    Matting (Outdoor Shaded Area Floor) 800
    Smoke/Mist 750
    Aroma + Aroma Diffusion 900
    Floor Covering / Carpeting / Soft (Indoor) 1100
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Bring your secrets, workshops, your stories, yourselves.
    If your dream is similar, we should collaborate. 🖤💛

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    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? At max 3000 at night.

    • Will there be light? Soft indoor illumination + 1 spotlight/indirect light and outdoor entrance/perimeter illumination (outdoor string lights).

    • Will anything BURN? No.

    • What is your audio footprint? Audible but not loud.

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