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    Interactive video projections, integrated with the other Dreams in Elements Village. As a guest to Elements Village, you will be able to interact with the visuals depending on your mood.
    What element are you feeling at the moment?

    Full description of yer concept

    Elementary Blender is part of the brand new Elements Village which gathers gifts and experiences related to the five elements.

    Elementary Blender will be visual experiences that users are going to be able to interact and play with. A video projection will visualize the elements (fire, water, air, earth) and any combination of them with various intensity. The purpose of the visuals is to enhance the experience for participants while enjoying any of the other dreams that are provided in the Elements Village such as The Fire Bar, Earth Nation: The Cave and Water Nation.

    About the crew / artist

    Elements Village is a brand new concept, and the team behind it is a mixture of newbies and old bees. And quite a few old bears. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, we are 30 or so enthusiastic creatures getting together celebrating the five elements.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    Components for interactive controls (levers, buttons or cooler) 1000
    Tape 400
    HDMI Cable X 3 1000
    Arduino X 3 (Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects). 600
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Any camp or project relating to the five elements may join Elements Village, or just hold a workshop in our Elementary School.

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    What is this?

    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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    User: David

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? We will need electricity for three computers and three overhead

    • Will there be light? Yes, during night and day!

    • Will anything BURN? Nope!

    • What is your audio footprint? None, this dream is focused on visuals.

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