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    We are building an entirely solar and battery powered space which gives out free sun energy and positive utopian solar visions. we will have vibrational energy (sound stage), electrical energy (solar charging), and negative heat energy (solar cooled room!

    Full description of yer concept

    The SolarPunk installation hardness the sun's energy and redistributes it as gifts, not just to be generous, but to represent a possible future way of life where our natural resources are looked at in new ways, as belonging to the people, who of course would only use them responsibly in a truly fair system. The space will feature a large solar array, a discussions space under the solar panels to workshop the solarpunk concept throughout the event and a large wall where various solarpunk ideas, concepts and messages are posted throughout the event as a result of the discussions. there will be a recycled workstation and printer with second use paper to put new messages on the wall. At the end of the event the wall will be photographed and put online in high definition. The construction cost of the whole setup is over EUR 10,000+ and is being funded by a very generous anonymous donor for another event. I am asking for hearts to bring it to borderland, as towing 3ton's of equipment almost 2000 miles is expensive. The maximum hearts i have asked for is the full cost of EXTRA fuel to tow the trailer over the cost of the van without the trailer. All the other elements are already funded (as is my own private fuel). Get a EUR 10k+ project to borderland for just a few hundred DKK!!! Transport cost works out as only 2.5% of the total build budget, which is funded from another source.

    About the crew / artist

    Tinker Tom is a well traveled burner and festival builder. He has built installations for events in four continents and also founded a hackspace.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    as previous LNT leads for other burn projects, and with a solid green moop map score at those events which publish one, we are confident we got this covered :)

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    fuel to tow a 3ton trailer, full of 10KEUR worth of art, 2000 miles to borderland and back 2250
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    pre-build will be in berkshire in UK in June. on site co-creation activities will be advertised nearer the time.

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    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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    • TBA

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? no thanks we are all solar!

    • Will there be light? led UV lasers!

    • Will anything BURN? not a chance, burning makes too many emissions!

    • What is your audio footprint? we will play solar music spontaneously and continuously if it's popular

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