The bar of sensual pleasures

Mother Jenny

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    A magical, mystical self-service bar that provides you with sensory delights: In little drawers and boxes, you can find an abundance of beautiful smells, delightful tastes, curious tactile sensations, unusual sounds and inspiring art work.

    Full description of yer concept

    This will be a permanently installed self-service station where beings in unusually receptive states of consciousness can find sensory pleasure at all times. In little drawers and boxes, they can discover and enjoy beautiful, natural smells and find tasty treats. In some drawers, there will be objects that create nice sensations when traced along the skin, others might contain a mystical sound. Also the eye will be pleased by the bar itself, as well as by artwork that is to be found in the many nishes and corners of this installation.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    Wrappings from the items, that will be placed into the bar - I will use my camp's LNT system to dispose of them.

    There will be a necessity for at least one daily refill-round which will also include a moop-sweep (if, for example. someone dropped some item from the bar on the floor instead of placing it back into the drawer).

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    Mini sound player 150
    Fairy lights 160
    Tasty things 200
    Smelly things 200
    the bar itself (wood, drawers) 800
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Collect ideas with me on what to place into the bar! Also, there will be daily refill/moop shifts, feel free to take one!

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? yes, I'd like to use fairylights. 4,5 Watt. But if that's a problem, I could also use battery-powered ones.

    • Will there be light? many fairy lights!

    • Will anything BURN? no.

    • What is your audio footprint? yes, but only light noises, that can be heared by those, who put their ears close to the installation.

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