Flaunt Your Gender (using a badge)


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    Are you tired of being misgendered? Want to try out a new gender for the day? Or just want to be a good ally? Flaunt your preferred pronoun using a pin-back button, available at select Borderland destinations!

    Full description of yer concept

    They're pin-back buttons, for your to stick to yourself or your clothes. More hearts means more buttons, and if they're all not adopted at once they will travel on to different burns as little gendered greetings from Borderland.

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    100 badges 488
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Yes! Designs are welcome, and please leave pronoun suggestions that are meaningful to you other than she/her, he/him, and they/them in the comments. If you're a camp that very much want to host some in your bar or other public space, also let us know.

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