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    Get ready to burn your norms away in the purifying fire of the Queergatory. Sinners will rejoice in an unholy night of punishment and repent. Hell is heaven for queers, and in this spectacular one time-event we will all be damned.

    Full description of yer concept

    After the opening ceremony of the Borderland heavens, the queers of the QQQ welcome you down the abyss for a night of eternal damnation. The Queergatory is a one time-event where sinners will be punished and where the punished rejoice. This will be your opportunity to get the proper punishment for your sins and your norms. Confess and thou shalt be heard.

    You will enter the Queergatory as a sinner and leave as an even queerer one. The queer priests of damnation will guide you to your proper punishment and purify you from your straight mind. Demons and angels will collide in an orgy of lust and fire until nothing is left unsoiled. We will all wallow shamelessly in our shame.

    · Come to the confession booth and confess your sins – and get guidance in how to improve them.

    · Get the proper punishment for your norms in an array of methods. According to Dante, seducers and pimps get spanked by horned demons in the 8th circle of hell. We see no problems with that.

    · Visit the Queergatory bar, where the only currency is that of bodily sin and shame.

    And if you feel that your sins are not enough, there’s a whole lot of queers ready to help you fulfill those dirty secrets you have in the back of your mind that will guarantee you a ticket straight to hell.

    The Queergatory will be a participatory theme party in the name of damnation and lust, for everyone at the Borderland. The funding will go to organizing the event and decorating the QQQ QUEER QASTLE for a night free from norms and bounderies. There will be a bar, but alcohol (or other consumables) will not be included in the dream budget.

    Welcome to the Queergatory.

    PS. The costume-section in the budget is made for costumes specifically for this event to create an atmosphere of queer sin. If we do not get a full budget, this is probably the post we will decrease.

    About the crew / artist

    The QQQ is the Borderland camp where we celebrate and explore queerness in all its manifestations: political, sexual, social, religious, relational and gender-wise. The group is a mixed combination of dreamers, including both burning veterans and newer recruits. We’re here to make you queer!

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    The QQQ will see to it that Queerwood and the QUEER QASTLE is a place free from MOOP and norms.

    Description Min amount (DKK) Max amount (DKK)
    Alcohol to the bar (self funded) 0
    Sound equipment 2000
    Decorations 2000
    Kinky equipment 3000
    Costumes 2000
    Material to build confession booth and punishing stations 2000
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Join this spectacular one time-event as a sinner – or become one during the night.

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