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    In the middle of the desert of blinking lights and colourful tights there is a sparkling oasis to be found. Welcome, ladyboys and gentlewomen, to the QUEER QASTLE, where your straight minds will be soiled and your queer dreams will come true.

    Full description of yer concept

    The queers of the QQQ invites the Borderland to the QUEER QASTLE to spread the queer agenda to one and all. The Qastle is the heart that will never stop pulsating queerness into the body of Hedeland. Come and participate in the queer takeover.

    The QUEER QASTLE is a 70 m2 big tent located in Queerwood, home of the QQQ queers. The QUEER QASTLE is the place where QQQ opens up to share their message, their dreams and their bodies to the public. The QUEER QASTLE is the center of queer activities at Borderland. Everyone is welcome to participate in the safe haven for normbreakers, kinksters and freaks where anything can happen.

    The QUEER QASTLE is a permanent safe zone for everyone. Consent is a cornerstone of acceptance, and in here everyone is accepted. The QQQ will see to it so that consent is the basic ingredient in every queer activity going on in the Qastle. This is the hangout for the queer undercurrents of every Borderland fairytail.

    This dream is a continuation of what was started in 2018, a way for the QQQ to keep giving the burner community from our endless well of wet fantasies. The concept is to have a place where we will arrange workshops and events and a place to hang out for all of Borderland. Last year we gave you polytalks, queer aerobics, the Queermageddon theme party, queer hiphop hour, kinky couple dancing and a lot more. This year will be even better (more info on what will happen TBA).

    Note that we got art grants to establish the Qastle at Borderland 2018, which means that we have a foundation to make it even better. This year, our requested funding is a lot less, and one of the points is to keep giving to Borderland from the resources we already have. The funding will go to a development of the Qastle, and into making it even cozier, trippier and freakier than ever, and to make sure that no one that comes in will leave unpenetrated by the queer beauty of the QQQ.

    This is not a camp hangout for the QQQ (we have other areas for that) but a public space where we invite all of Borderland into their own queer subconscious and lead them by the hand straight out of the qloset.

    Welcome to the QUEER QASTLE

    About the crew / artist

    The Queer Qlux Qlan is the Borderland camp where we celebrate and explore queerness in all its manifestations: political, sexual, social, religious, relational and gender-wise. The group is a mixed combination of dreamers, including both burning veterans and newer recruits. We’re here to make you queer!

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    The QUEER QASTLE is located in Queerwood and is included in the QQQ MOOP plan. The Queers will keep it clean.

    Description Amount (DKK)
    Textiles 2000
    Big pillows 1000
    Lighting 1000
    Mattresses 1000
    Rugs 1000
    Waterproofing 1000
    Transport 1000
    Materials to make furniture 2000
    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    The QQQ QUEER QASTLE is a space for radical openness. Come and hang out with us in all the senses of the queer concept. You are welcome to chill out, make out and queer out, in a truly safe and sexy space. The qastle is the home of queer events all through the week. The co-creation is the magical queerness that is created when we meet and our picture of the world gets a little bit more queer.

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    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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