Cunt cents!

Tobias (Favelas) + Aleks & Inga (The Edge) + Olivia &Filip (QQQ)


The cunt cent currency is at a high stock rate this year, sponsored by a unique collaboration between the Edge and the QQQ. In the name of the principle of commodification, this is the surest way of fulfilling your wettest dreams. Who do you wanna buy?

Full description of yer concept

You got a secret fantasy you wanna test, a friend you wanna fuck or a body you wanna sell? Cunt cents are the dirty currency that will get you what you want.

Mammon, one of the founders of Borderland, once said that whoever can’t be bought can’t be trusted. To honor this statement, the Edge and the QQQ will this year give you the chance to get rich both in monetary and bodily assets.

The cunt cent is an interactive project that will involve everyone who is ready and willing. The currency can only be used to exchange sexual favors and dirty fantasies. Find a way to get the cash flow running, and you’re on your way to the stars.

The funding will go to producing the bills that will keep Borderland in the beautiful grasp of the free market and capitalist competition. Nothing is free, least of all love.

So go get money, kids.

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