The Uranus Observatory

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    Observe Uranus! Telescopes, kaleidoscopes, all the kinds of scopes to play with inside (upto) four inhabitable sparkly octahedral space molecules. Climb inside and it's more Steampunk and fluffy for relaxed discovery of the inner and outer universe!

    Full description of yer concept

    It's a stylish alien piece of science for you to play in - a psycho-physical space that inside looks Steampunky-futuristic and fun. Giant glowy space molecules made of wood. The outside lis ike a strange space-molecule, hopefully in many colours, subtle glowy LEDs at night to reflect the cosmos :) The Uranus Observatory welcomes you into its geometrical techno-futuristic-retro wombs, and helps you look at the sky, the festival, and at your inner self, in all the ways. We will have a telescope for you to look at the stars and planets (including hopefully Uranus). We will have a microscope where we can look at parts of your body. We will have a kaleidoscope, wherein you can look over the festival in many patterns. And a gyroscope to make nice lights outside in amazing starry patterns. And an (probably industrial) endoscope.. which can be used as you wish... We may even hook it up to take pictures, for those so inclined... as a Uranoscope! We may add scopes by suggestion from the public. We're likely to hook up oscilloscopes to things, just because. (BETTER DIAGRAMS TO COME)

    Shape: There will be up to four largely octahedral geometric wooden spaces for you to sit and relax and observe and play and experiment in! Minimum grant means we can make one. ,and savings in scale make the next ones a lot cheaper to make!! We'll have as many Geometric Mecons (slightly altered to fit) as we can afford, up to four, arranged in the most windproof and aesthetically-pleasing manner. Stellations (points instead of faces) on some faces will provide it with a weird and spacey look. Colour scheme is yet to be decided, and we're happy to welcome street / other artists to decorate faces of it.. and can have some of the exterior faces allowed to be 'paint it yourself art walls too.

    People can sit and chill and be inside. Decorations inside will be varied: initially steampunk, science, futuristic, and if we can afford to have four chambers, we're happy for some outside groups to come and collaborate and make decor their own for a cool effect .
    Telescope provided for people to look at the stars at night, in the top octrahedron. Installed Kaleidoscope provided for people to look at the festival in all its glory. Gyroscope provided for fantastic light effects at night. Microscope included for looking at Burner brain cells. Industrial Endoscope provided for other things....
    Oscilloscopes, stethoscopes and other scopes will be included according to scope...

    Wood frame, with strong plyboard floors and faces, and some faces with coloured mesh / windows. Each octahedron will be roughly 1.5-2m in height, and structurally sound. Prototypes have been made before in various ways, and the feasibility and safety of building has been proven in Switzerland with a single larger analogous structure.

    About the crew / artist

    Curious Magic is an camp and art collective founded at Kiezburn in 2017, inspired by longtime membership of the Phage, a Black Rock city science and sparkles institution, usually to be found at about 5 and Esplanade. Experienced, practical but impish burners, we are an inclusive group, who look to enjoy, create, joke about and troll experiences at the edge of science and magic. You are welcome to bring your wits and curiosity and make magic things with us! We may not be making a camp at borderland, but we will be making art!

    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    Interior design! Steampunk things, fabrics, decorations! Help with construction and design (always some on-site fun to be had!). Transport.. do you have a trailer?! LED help? Do you have a 'scope' of some sort. oscilloscope? Endoscope? more kaleidoscopes and telescopes?! contact Richard on or when we get pages / websites up on other things :)

    What is this?

    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

    Dream crew



    • not yet available, but coming!

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes please, just a standard outlet for lighting effects, science / projection equipment, and maybe gentle atmospheric musics. call it 1500W or so

    • Will there be light? Yes, light! Not big floods, just some LED strips and points, because a telescope at night needs less light pollution! but it'll be pretty, and being geometrical look nice with it!

    • Will anything BURN? The structure will be made of wood. Burnable, should we wish to do so at the end. But in the meanwhile, just the usual fireproofing of fabrics and forbidding of smoking in the structure, There will be no fire in the structure this year, although it is planned as a possibility for next year. We will have fire extinguisher(s) and a fire blanket available, and the electrics will be all low voltage.

    • What is your audio footprint? If we make any, it's going to be very quiet atmospheric musics. THis is a chill out and discovery space, of sparkly kaleidoscopes and stars and things, not a music joint! :)

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