Shower Of Amazing Power (SOAP)

Axel Nyström WCH

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    Dirty hippies are also humans, But there might be hygenical hippys at BL and quite a few other people. So SOAP is a "safe" way for everyone to rinse there amazing bodies without entering the ocean. And if I'm building a shower, Its going to be Cray Cray+

    Full description of yer concept

    Shower Of Amazing Power (SOAP) is a shower at BL whitch main purpose is to keep people out of the ocean to minimize the risk of any more tradgical drowning accidents.
    The shower will allso be a interactive art installation in the shape of a big tree made out of old cast iron pipes. The water will be pumped from the ocean and will be returned back to the ocean in a way so we dont erode the shoreline.
    There will be a possibility for multiple people to shower at once and some "covered spaces" if ur not totaly in the mode to express ur nudity to everyone yet...
    But this isn't just any shower, there will be A LOT OF WATER!!! Some heated and some in the shape of a waterfall etc.
    And there will be quite a lot of visual and spectacular effects like geyser style steam clouds shoting upp in the sky and for sure some suprising flame effects and some mystical bubbeling bottles etc. The aim is to have the whole structure interactual and changing depending on wheater conditions and time etc.


    The whole structure is going to be built in advance at my farm outside Örebro in Sweden during the coming months. It's mainly going to be constructed from scavenged steel from scrapyards and torn down factorys etc. Mainly because old pipe conections are amazingly beautiful but allso because the parts used for the projects are amazingly expensive if bought new.
    I have collected materials, pumps, engines pneumatic cylinders, magnetic walves and controlling mechanisms etc. for a few years and the budget needed will mostly be for the few parts that i havent managed to scavenge yet. I wouldent personaly mind if it took a few more years to try to build the whole structure from recycled materials but because this project actually is a safety feature for the event a lot of people would like to see it happening this year.
    A few of the parts that I allready have scavenged is the humungus waterpump that used to pump the cooling water for a 5 million watt steel melting plant. And a 22KW engine to drive it. And of course a Gearbox from a tractor to get the propper rpm to give u a shower experience of ur lifetime.
    There will be quite a prosess to clean, sanatise and remove paint etc from recycled old pipes and couplings and I will do all of this at my farm in lime baths etc witch i allready have the containers for. But I do need $ to by quantity of the the propper cemicals to neutralise the prosesses and zink etc to "electro plate or galvanise" the insides of the pipes.

    The whole construction will be possible to construct and deconstruct many times and in different forms depending on where it is going to be used. All the joints will be threaded or conected in such a way so there will be no nead for cutting and welding when it is going to be used next year in Bosedal or at a different location. It is going to be designed so it will be possible to recirculate and "filter" water if use at a site in the future with limited water supply.

    I allready have nearly all the tools for the construction process (milling machines, metal lathes, welding machines, pipe benders etc. But i might nead some budget for disposable parts etc.

    Transportation of the probably about 5000 kg heavy construction will mostly be done on my 1950s Heavy duty truck witch will allso be used as a artcar/firetruck at the burn. And we might sneak some insanely heavy stuff inside the Working Class Hereos (WCH) container witch is located at my farm and atm is being pimped so it can be used as as a workstation at BL. (WCH has a ovn dream for BL witch attemps to help people that get stuck with there projects at BL)
    So... I would love some $$$ for the diesel...
    So, how am i going to manage to acctually complete this project?
    This year I got the support from the awesome WCH crew!!! And I'm acctually applying for some budget.

    I hope u like my artistic vision, or if just want to minimize the risk of anouther drowning accident please contribute by giving SOAP some hearts to support the funding of the project, so it's going to be more than a dream!
    Photos in a few days.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? 64A Amp 3 Ph. If possible. 16A 3 Ph Minimum. Power needed to pump water and possibly heating as much salty H2O hippy sanatiser as possibly. Allso power needed for the humungus hippydrier. Probably more power neaded during cold hours of the day.

    • Will there be light? Yepp! Leds and fire. Possibly some ilumination so the hippys can find there uber organic dreadlocks cower cap.

    • What is your audio footprint? Some Geyser kind of effects and. WOOOOOIICH! Some flamethrower BwoooooOO! And some damped sounds from humming pumps. Ye, and a LOT of flushing Water.

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