Hat and seek (a game of interaction)

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    Go on a Borderland quest!

    Spot the hats, connect with a borderling, and make it yours (for a while).

    Full description of yer concept

    Imagine 5 hats that are passed around from borderling to borderling. The hats will be weared only by bordlings who did something special. What they did to rightfully wear the hat depends on the rules of exactly that particular hat. Each hat carries its own challenge or burner value to be obeyed in order for that hat to get passed on.

    The rules of the 5 hats are to be finally decided by its co-creators, so the following hats are just few a examples:

    The LEAVE-NO-TRACE hat:
    Find any piece of MOOP and attach it to the hat, and it will be rightfully yours. Don't feel sorry for the previous hat owner - LNT is impoartant!

    The DANCE-OFF hat:
    Challenge the hat owner in a dance-off. The winner will walk (or dance I guess) away with the hat. The winner will be found by listening the the applause from the nearby crowd.

    The HIT-AND-RUN hat:
    It is uncool to steal. But this is a game and stealing stuff for fun is well... good fun. It will be yours if you manage to sneak in on the bearer of the hat and snach it. But watch out, the hat owner might have a wall of allies assisting to keep you away.

    The GIFTING hat:
    Well, this one is different. Besides being a super awesome borderling, you can do absolutely nothing to get this hat. The hat can only be passed on as a gift, so in order to get it, you will have to be an awesome burner - or just extremely charming ;)

    We need your ideas! Please let us know on Talk if you have ideas for more hats: https://talk.theborderland.se/d/lrZWFbpo/hat-and-seek-a-game-of-interaction-

    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    YES! Please do so! I hate dreaming alone.

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    Or just join the discussions on https://talk.theborderland.se/d/lrZWFbpo/hat-and-seek-a-game-of-interaction-

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