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    Enter the queer dimension and get transformed into the sparkling dreams you have always had in the back of your minds. The QQQ QUEER QASTLE is the center of all the queer happenings at Borderland. Come and make Borderland queer again!

    Full description of yer concept

    Welcome to the QQQ QUEER QASTLE! QQQ invites you to your own queer subconscious in a glittering space of dreams. The tent is open to anyone who finds the everyday life experience too mundane. Come and participate in the queer takeover.

    The tent is fully decorated in glitter and fabrics, to make the space safe, sexy and strange. In here, the world is not divided in dichotomies, and every norm is blurred. This is the chamber of queerness, and once inside every straight mind is blown away.

    QQQ QUEER QASTLE is a Borderland dream. Everyone is welcome to come and co-create a space where everything is accepted, whoever you are or wants to be. Come and hang out in among cushions and queers and feel free for once.

    The QQQ QUEER QASTLE is a permanent safe zone for everyone. Consent is a cornerstone of acceptance, and here everyone is accepted. QQQ will see to it so that consent is the basic ingredient in every queer activity going on in the qastle. This is the hangout for the queer undercurrents of every Borderland fairytale.

    The concept of the QQQ QUEER QASTLE is a big tent, full on decorated, with floors, fabrics and a stove to keep it warm, cozy and dry. There will be a wardrobe space where you can get changed, get naked and get queer. The styling corner will include material to make your own amazing creations. You will get queered, and then you will spread the queerness to the rest of the world. It’s a chill out space, a party tent and a wet dream, all at once. Once you go queer, everything is possible.

    The QQQ QUEER QASTLE is a public Borderland space. The QQQ Qrew will be your official guides to queerness, always ready to help you out. Please note that the QQQ camp will have separate spaces and budget for their private commodities and kitchen etc. The budget for the QASTLE will only be used for the enjoyment of a queerer Borderland.

    The QQQ QUEER QASTLE will be a place to queer out for everyone. It will also be the center of all the queer happenings at Borderland. This is the place you want to come to. The QQQ will take you to dimensions you have never visited. Examples of what to expect:

    * The QQQ QUEER QLOSET, where the QQQ Styling Sluts will make you come out of the qloset once and for all. QQQ is here to queer you up. This is where the queer army is built, to protect our qastle from the bad norms out there. Let’s make our own protections, tools and weapons. What do they look like, feel like and which functions do they have? How can we visualize our ongoing fight against the established norm society in the objects around us?

    * In the QUEER QLOSET, there will definitely be croquis workshops.

    * QUEER KINKY YOGA, always including flogging, tight spandex, plenty of hip moves and dogs set to dirty prince tunes.

    * QUEER SELF DEFENCE WORKSHOP, where you will learn all you need for to keep yourself exceptional. Keep the norms at bay by inviting people to touch your body in ways they never dreamt of.

    * The QUEER QART. The QQQ QASTLE is the home station for the QQQ QUEER QART that will roam around the Borderland and make everything queer.

    * POWER BALLAD DANCING WORKSHOP. Every morning Captain Queer will hold an extrovert power ballad dancing extravaganza. Replace your morning yoga routine with this and you will have the Borderland of your life.

    * QQQ QUEER QASINO. The qasino is where you go to bet your partner, pay your debt with your body or look at the fancy pole dancing while being waited by the QQQ squad.

    * POLE DANCING WORKSHOP. Our QQQ pole dancing experts will teach you how to keep the norms out of your life at the pole. Probably your clothes too.

    * The QUEERMAGEDDON is the obvious afterparty to the Borderland opening party. At the QUEERMAGEDDON, the world is about to end and all thatsould be left are us beautiful queers to make the world our own. Welcome to the end of norms!

    Feeling intrigued? Welcome to the Queer Qastle wonderland.

    About the crew / artist

    The Queer Qlux Qlan is the Borderland camp where we celebrate and explore queerness in all its manifestations: political, sexual, social, religious and gender-wise. The group is a mixed combination of dreamers, including both burning veterans and newer recruits. We’re here to make you queer!

    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    The QQQ QUEER QASTLE is a space for radical openness. Come and hang out with us in all the senses of the queer concept. You are welcome to chill out, make out and queer out, in a truly safe and sexy space. The qastle is the home of queer events all through the week. The co-creation is the magical queerness that is created when we meet and our picture of the world gets a little bit more queer.

    What is this?

    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

    Dream crew



    • https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheQQQ/

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? We need electricity for lighting, music and to charge our love tools <3 <3 <3

    • Will there be light? The coloured lights will dance with the sparkling disco balls all night (and morning) long.

    • Will anything BURN? You might not come out the same as you got in.

    • What is your audio footprint? There will be music, there will be dancing, there will be all the beautiful noises of desire without boundaries (including satisfied moans and decadent laughter)

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