Maker Monastic - A Dream to Host Dreams

Illutron / Keith Lim

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    Reside / Create / Transform aboard the interactive art barge, Illutron, for up to two weeks before Borderlands.
    By practising Community, Contemplation and Creativity.
    Access to the metal (welding), wood (CNC) and electronics workshops.

    Full description of yer concept

    UPDATE: This dream has been successfully granted by Fund 51. Which is the year-round Borderlands grant for projects outside, yet strongly related, to our week in the quarry. More info here:

    We are of course open to more participants to build your Dream onna boat. :D
    Message to me.


    Calling the International Otherhood of Art Monks!
    The Seekers! The Makers! The Booty Shakers!

    This Dream is to host other Dreamers, especially International, to reside on the maker ship Illutron for the two weeks before Borderlands.

    The Maker Monastic hosts a co-created, co-facilitated, radically self-reliant, civically responsible interactive art residency with self-guided personal transformation.

    Not LNT, Leave it Better!

    Do you have an existing meditation practise and love to create things? Come stay on the ship!

    How do we experience deep growth through the process of making art? Through a co-curated schedule of practice.
    Which could include: meditation, skills sharing, personal creative practice, Dream project making, sharing meals, giving back to the ship, and partying.

    The build is just as much fun as the festival.

    Illutron members have brought plenty of projects to past Borderlands… Giant Kaleidoscope, Zombie Survival Academy, Fuck-Yourself-In-The-Ass VR, Wunderflower and projections on the pyramid, to name a small few.

    whatever your Art is... in a post-Post-contemporary w0rld...

    The Maker Monastic is secular, yet based on the principles of Monasticism... where Art is Life, and Life is Art. Embedded in our (temporary?) community.
    "HISTORY OF IDEAS - Monasticism" is a great philosophical launch point:


    About the crew / artist

    illutron collaborative interactive art studio operates the art ship illutron - a floating culture house, workshop and event platform. The former entrepreneur platform, 480 tons of steel and 4 levels with a total 800 m2 of space. Many Illutron members work at Roskilde University's Fablab and / or a plentitude of technical skills around making floating / fire / electronic / interactive / plant based art.

    Keith is a trans-disciplinary artist in the fields of performance, technology and spirituality. Jack of all Trades, MA in Dance. His first visit to Illutron and Borderlands in 2015 in left a profound impact, which lead to him settling in Copenhagen today. He is also a member of the Art Monastery Project ( and the Danish Burner communities. He identifies with Buddist, Transhumanist and Neoshamist philosophies and teaches Interactive Installation programming at Roskilde University.

    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    This project is all about enabling you to build together... your art, your heart, your soul... (*soul belief optional)
    You don't need an existing Dream, or feel like a Maker, but a willingness to engage, reflect and go deep... whilst Making and moving stuff around.

    What is this?

    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

    Dream crew