The Temphle of Unintentional Pointless Purpose

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    Build out of wood, clay, metal and slime. The Temple of Unintentional Pointless Purpose is a place that constantly changes and keeps growing. A place where the walls will tell the stories of Borderland...
    (Wow! That sounded pretty mystical...!)

    Full description of yer concept a Borderland far from any non-linear time, as we once knew it....

    ....In a stone circle was a small bonfire. The flames from the fire, glowing and dancing in pink and purple, was consuming a pile of strange dark grey branches. The wise mystic Old Four Eyes was about to tell a tale. A tale of a strange temple. He was a giant toad-like figure with chalk-white skin, black eyes and long black slimy hair. He was wearing a brown dirty cloak. With him around the fire was his 5 young students. All of them - slime monsters.

    "Tell us about that strange Temple, before we go, Old Four-eyes!" - Said Bletchmeralda, with a voice that sounded like stepping on screaming mice. She was blind as a bat, and with worms crawling out of her blood red swampy face, each time she spoke. Not a pretty sight - but she was still a darling. Always eager to hear about the ancient tales of Borderland. She clapped her tiny hands..."pleeease!"

    " can I explain" started Old Four-Eyes.

    "Once upon a time in a strange wooden temple, with clay faces living in the" He stopped.

    "In a Borderland far far away trapped in the mind of an ancient nine armed pink that doesn't work".

    " a huge bucket full of slime, dwells the living flesh of the is here that the Slime Monks found their magic to....hmmm...."

    "At night time. Inside the Témphle ôf ûninteñtional Poïntless Purpösé. It is said that you can hear the light of the life essence of the....nah..."

    "This is place where you can call upon the spirits of Nonsense. A place where you will see your breath crystallise and show you the sound of your future past. A gateway to another dimension. Yet a place which is just wood, stone and must not say anymore".

    The students looked, in stillness, around at each other with wonder, and now and then back at Old Five Eyes. His face and voice seemed to be morphing with each word that came out of his mind. First a blackbird with golden beak. Then a face made of tea-spoons. Then a big mouth. A yellow handbag with antlers and tiny spider eyes. And so on....

    " friends....this story keeps is as if I can never grab this fabric of time and make it into words. Perhaps you should go find The Temple of Change yourselves. Yes...that is the way. The Way."

    He nodded at them. Threw a handful of strange gravel in the fire, and started chanting. "Fjöööööhhhh....shaAaziiiing....phjoöøØø zh'a'aZiiiïng.....".

    All the 7 students got up. They knew it was time. It was time...all along....

    About the crew / artist

    The Temple of Unintentional Pointless Purpose (TUPP) is a project made by the creators of The Slimepit and The Monster Battle Arena.

    This year not even we, the builders, knows what the result will be. And we are chanting hard to not make a final decision, since the Temple is always in change.

    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    It will be possible to create messages, art, magic, decorations, genitals, masks, animals or other shapes on and into the walls, ceiling and floors of the temple during the Borderland.

    What is this?

    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

    Dream crew




    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes. Around 1000 watts.

    • Will there be light? Yes. The Temple will be illuminated at night. Spotlights as well as LED-chains.

    • Will anything BURN? Sinec it is a building that you can enter we will make sure that it is sturdy and build so that it will not fall apart, nor break. It will be mainly build out of wood, so a fire extinguisher must be nearby or in the temple. Or both. It is the plan to burn the temple on the burn night. And we wish for the Temple to be build on the burn site.

    • What is your audio footprint? No one knows. For no one knows what will happen once the TUPP is unleashed...

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