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    My Dick will be back at Borderland 2018 and it's going to be extra juicy!
    Inspired by the craziness of Clockwork Orange, the My Dick Milk Bar will be the perfect place to gather, to host workshops and for your adDICKtive evening adventures.

    Full description of yer concept

    Welcome to the My Dick Milk Bar, fellow Borderlingnams, Borderyonis and Borderfluents!

    As My Dick can be everything, this year, My Dick will be a Milk Bar.
    Think of the Korova Milk Bar from Clockwork Orange, forget everything about it, but keep the visuals and the milk. Then add some first class nurturing, creativity that makes your inner child go wild, draft beer on tap and some slap-shots. Because what would My Dick be without some good old slap-shots! Better cum thirsty!

    This dream contains fabulous projects such as:

    - The My Dick Milk Bar (super juicy, super fresh, really tangly, you'll be amazed- My Dick will be all over you. Literally)

    - The Kaleidoscow (a psychedelic korova installation from the Alps)

    - LED artworks (indoor and outdoor art - some of us can't live without)

    - Milky eyecandy projections (suitable for vegan Trippsters as well- My Dick cares about your lifestyle choices)

    - A space to hold your workshops (you always wanted to teach this one thing? My Dick has the space for that!)

    - A space to hold your space (My Dick needs to rest in between the action and loves to cuddle, so there's a cozy space for that)

    - A space to hold your ceremony (My Dick is your church, your obscure cult, the place where believers melt into each other and all religions become one. At least 'down there'...)

    - Many smaller and bigger surprises, hilarious workshops and happenings from My Dick to you and with you!

    Please bring your own vellocet, synthemesc or drencrom. Or cocoa. We don't judge.

    Your heart-grants will go into the building of the bar and the space, decoration, furniture, lightening and transport of our big structures from Germany to magic mountain aka the Quarry.

    ****Voted "Best Newcummer Camp", Borderland 2017**** (Thank you for your t(h)rust)

    My Dick reviews:

    "If I receive just one more Slap Shot, I'll climax right here."

    "My Dick was my favorite experience last year. As an introvert I value a place where you could feel at home the moment you enter."

    "These pixie dollar millionaires could stay away. We don't want those dick & play camps here."

    "I've never thought I would ever be tired of watermelons. But wow, My Dick has tought my differently!"

    "I've heard they are bringing a real pony to the Borderland in 2018. How irresponsible is that?! What if it bites? I don't like ponies!"

    "Bodypainting with Uncle Paul, hosted by Sparcle Cunt at My Dick? Of course it's family friendly!"

    My Dick is a safe space for everyone. Even though some could think My Dick is a sexual thing, it's more like your favorite pub in the Quarry, your living- and your bedroom, your early evening dancefloor, the bar where you meet the loves of your life and forget about time & space.

    One fair warning: You will most likely see dicks inside My Dick. As in penis, peepee, cock, schlong, dingdong, willy, peter, shaft, member, packer, phallus... and maybe some other naked bodyparts as well.

    Please note, it's always MY Dick. Never YOUR or THEIR. You get it. It's the name. My Dick.
    And My Dick loves you and can't wait to hug you!


    Loved the music last year?

    About the crew / artist

    My Dick is an international art collective founded at Spark in the Dark by the famous Sparkle Cunt (aka Kat).
    We create more dimensional experiences and do performance art. Our art has been to several burns around the world including Borderland, Burning Man and Africa Burn.

    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    My Dick loves to host your workshops- from family friendly body painting to adult tantra. Contact us, if your are looking for a space!
    My Dick loves contributions to its bar- bring Wodka and coffee liqueur (e.g. Kahlua) for the extra sensual milking experience.
    My Dick loves to cuddle- contribute to our cuddle puddle with blankets, pillows or sheets.
    Planning a wedding, divorce, bar mitzvah, self-love or other kind of ceremony? Get in touch!

    What is this?

    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Approx. 2500 watt for lights, small sound system, projectors

    • Will there be light? YES! My Dick brings illuminated art projects for indoor and outdoor (mostly illuminated with LEDs).

    • What is your audio footprint? Moderate audio footprint: My Dick isn't a soundcamp, but famous for its outstanding playlist full of riDICKulous songs that will make you squirt.

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