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    On the evening of the full moon & total lunar eclipse, witness a spectacularly immersive and atmospheric occasion, live orchestral and ambient electronica, with 3D projections sharing stories of dreams, releasing pain of the past, and future imagination.

    Full description of yer concept

    Nothing is permanent; everything that comes must pass. When you apply this concept to art, heightened by the principle of Immediacy, it emphasizes the importance of truly unique artistic expression and memorable experiences. That is, create something magical, that immeasurably resonates with the soul, and something that makes a lasting impact and inspiration.

    The Sun - is male energy. The Moon, that of the feminine. The Sea flows and unites.

    We propose on the night of the full moon, Friday July 27 2018, to formally and cordially launch the concept of Sun Moon Sea. In this, we create an immersive space in which for participants to experiment, to perform, to play. We complement the open times with an unprecedented concert performed by transient orchestra, with ambient electronica and acoustic, tribal sounds. The randomness allows for anything from spontaneous Om chanting and drum circles to independent ambient acts and spoken word performing in the sacred space. Anybody and anything can plug in to the collective human and spiritual electricity we create together.

    Layers of 3D projections will simulate the stars, the sky, the horizon of the Earth. Live visual artists will project real time video intertwined with participants' imagery of dreams - perhaps even plugging their bodies into a Dream Machine. In the build up to Borderland, any attending participant can prepare visual dreams of their own to be projected around the space.

    We seek to curate a special, timeless, respectful and safe space in the Pyramid, bringing together every artistic medium. We can prepare the space during the afternoon of the 27th, and open the temporary, alternate world from the setting of the sun, to the rise of the next. The concert will commence around the moment of the full moon, setting an ambient soundscape throughout the night, building with the crescendo of the power of collaborative spirit and the electrical connections of human consciousness.

    The opening theme is Dreams / Release. For many of us, the spirit of Burn culture enables us to dream, of a better world, for ourselves and for greater society. Many dreams have come true through Burns.

    For others, we are often burdened by the sadness of the past, of the attachment or clinging to external hope, or to admittedly wayward dreams. Through this, we offer a sacred space to release the past, to let go of attachment, and to clear the soul.

    Then, feel free to dream, unhinged.

    Our Borderland concept takes control of a corner of the Pyramid. It can complement other neighbours in the structure, and any creative act created for, or at, Borderland.

    Imagine a banner or sculpture - under which the Sun / Masculine energies will appear and perform. Picture another depicting the Moon - for the feminine energies. And a moving Sea, ensuring the flow, unity and harmony of the contrasting night/day energies. Orchestral instruments, perhaps a grand piano, and a small electronica set up in the middle. All around the space are 3D visual projections, on multiple levels.

    Beyond the special live orchestral possibility and curated pop up acts, the space, visual equipment and the instruments are free to be played with by any Borderland participant. Fancy a try on the grand piano at 4:20am? Take care of it, but let your inspiration's notes radiate across the natural acoustics. Other instruments, sonic inventions and arty toys will be available for all.

    For Sun Moon Sea, this is the first and highly essential piece in a timeless puzzle of bringing peace, tolerance and understanding through imagination. And to set the atmosphere for a cascade of peace initiatives around the world over the decades to come.

    About the crew / artist

    Sun Moon Sea is 25 years in the making, a transient, informal troupe of international visual artists, musicians, and event space curators. There is a need in the world to reflect upon our present day human condition, and objectively look at the struggles and challenges of our society and inner selves. Once we bring peace to our inner selves, the world itself becomes more peaceful and real. Sun Moon Sea seeks to articulate this through the inherent communication of inspired art.

    How can other Borderlings co-create with you?

    There are numerous opportunities for participants to co-create with us, and indulge in the greater space we are creating to share:

    - Any orchestral/classical musicians willing to participate in the concert part of the night
    - Live electronica/ambient acts who would like a space or stage for a short set to add to the Dream/Release theme
    - Visual / 3D projection artists who may enjoy an enormous palette for their creations
    - Decorative and artistic skills to help craft the Sun, The Moon, and other complementary elements
    - On the night, inspired participants with a drum, wanting to dance, orally chant, or perform however they choose in the space
    - Anybody who is inspired by this idea and wants to add something further: food and drink, Moon/Astrological readings, Sun-based massage, multi-sensual meditation, etc.

    We are creating an idea of a world, that anybody can plug and play into :)

    What is this?

    Hey friend! Welcome to the virtual drawing board of The Borderland. This is the place where we prototype the projects we'll realise during the week in the quarry.

    Dream crew




    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Approximately 1000-1500 Watts, depending on number and type of projectors used in end.

    • Will there be light? Projections from within, using projectors on the walls, from sunset to sunrise. A few low lighting elements, perhaps representing the colours of the Sun (yellow/orange) and the Moon (purple/blue).

    • Will anything BURN? No dangerous elements to this Dream. We will debate how to hang the Sun and Moon, though these can be accomplished with poles, or even as projections. Equipment will be assessed and set up by seasoned festival professionals and engineers - who are already attending Borderland. Any particularly valuable or delicate equipment will be removed from the building, or locked up. A supervisor will be on site throughout the opening times.

    • What is your audio footprint? Emphasis on acoustic instruments, with a few hours of low key ambient electronica, somewhere in the 8pm to 2am zone. Sound peak around 11-1. No amplified sound after reasonable hour, though some acoustic instruments are left for people to play with.

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