Fow-Dojo & Free School

{ A place to Train and Exchange Knowledge of the "Fire Arts" } { A "Fee school" = "Each one Teach one" } { Potential breading pool for European Fire conclaves }

The dream would be to make a Flow-dojo a place where people can learn and share there knowledge of the fire arts with each other aka "Each one Teach one".

The central place would be a "dome like structure" or "dojo" that could also be used as a multipurpose building to meet up and be a "free school" place to exchange knowledge.

The vision would be a Dome like structure as its center-point. Mirror galleries in the Forrest where you can spin in-front of mirror art installations.
Places where you can hang up props like aerial silk in the tree's Places around the dodo where that you can practice yoga. Some chairs and tables to sit on and perhaps play a game of Chess or read a book.

I see that that this "flow-dojo" to be an evolution from a communal ""free school" where your free to learn and teach what you wish to bring to this flow-dodo and school.

It could be a meetup center where people can post notes and ask what they wish to learn And also be a place where teacher can post classes they wish to offer.

Free school or the "Each one Teach" is I feel a concept that can be wider then only the narrow "flow arts". It could include, among others, a fast array of practices.

People could among other be wanting to share knowledge of:

Yoga, Kung-fu, Wing-chun, MMA, Boxing. Ballet, Dance, Contact dance, be a place to host "ecstatic dance"

It could also be a place where there are tables and chairs where people could play games like Chess, Magic the gathering, war-hammer

It could also be used for kinky workshops: Impact play workshops, Shibari classes, where people give lectures on for instance "consent".

Or just a place to get or donate a interesting book from the free school Library.

So the vision is to have a multipurpose "dome" where you can get knowledge and practice of any thing you would like to learn. It could be like a community center where training are given this could also include presentations on woodwork or other things knowledge of information that is useful to the community.

If this free school concept works well you could in-vision secondary domes that specialize in a sertain field. In this case this free school specialization would be flow arts, but it could also be that there are other Domes that or places that get a place where its more appropriate to learn the specific skills you need this could be:

A free school a Library A free school for Woodworking and tools. A free school for Permaculture ect ect

I think this would grow organically and depending on the "thought leader" that can give the knowledge to the communety, it might be perhaps a bike repair shop. A boot expert, a Dance teacher, you name as demand of members that seek knowledge grow or dy of multiple domes or places could be made.

Regarding this Free school with the focus on flow arts AKA "Flow dojo".

I think there is a lot of people with knowledge within the burning men community regarding flow arts and this center could easily be set up by "just having a dome".

You do not need much funding as poi and staff can be build on site and it can grow into a flow arts center quite well as "flow arts" do not require a set of "kata's" and your free to learn any trick you wish to learn rather then to be forced to have to go through a curriculum.

There for I think there could be a lot of teachers and could also be free flowing, where people from all over the world could have a place to train there arts and share there knowledge. I think that is the key. There are a lot of these places that I could give as an example.

First of the main inspiration for this idea is Flowasis a community in New York of fire performers and burners. They hosted me once I was stranded in NYC and is one of the only permanent places to train with actual fire in New York. They as a conclave also went numerous time to BM as a group

Video of what they do:

Website: (they changed names)

In Copenhagen there is of cource Mind your Head.

Its in the city center and give a open workshop space where people can train and co-laborate and exchange knowledge and tricks:

Another inspiration is our "crew" in Amsterdam there are now different groups that offer spaces to jam and train. *Will edit this part and add some more people, dome builders and other connections but wish to ask them personalty for there consent before posting them directly in this dream.

Fire conclaves is the bigger picture.

Yes! The bigger picture would be that this flow-dojo could and schould be a steping stone for any European fire conclave that wishes to train, make use of the facilities and have if need be also helped with there entry video.

It is sometimes hard to meet up in Europe or to have a place to train as a group in order to fulfill the requirements of being a fire conclave. As you probably know every year at the burning or the men groups of fire artists are asked to perform a routine as the men is put on fire. This gives you as fire conclave an unique chance to get close and perform for a very big and special audience.

One of the requirements is for submission is to create a video of your choreography, perhaps people could help out with making that video, and would be nice for people to be able to train at the Flow-Dojo for perhaps an intense week so that they can fully focus and get there application in.

More info on fire conclaves:

It always has been my dream to be apart of such a conclave, and finally be able to get to the Burn in the US. Probably will step up as a fire Photographer,I also made the cover picture ;) as I rather have other people get the spot light.

What do we need to make this dream an realty?

The dome, a place for the Flow-dojo and Free school

As said in the opening the main structure would preferable be a "dome".

Burners know how to make them, there are open source, domes are great as semi permanent structures, I love them.

Any dome makes out there? I am not 100% sure about the budget, I put a ball park figure of 5000,- in, if people know more please contact me with a realistic figure I not am not sure.

Flow art tools.

It would be essential to have a lot of training tools, like Poi, hoops, led toys, fire fans ect. So that there are a lot of tools in the Flow dojo to play and train with.

A lot of tools, and training gear could be donated to the Flow-Dojo and a lot of tools can be made on site. Perhaps there needs to be a NGO set up for that but other wise there could be a lot of things made but some tools are quite expensive so for a real "school" could be Between 500 and 2500 euro's, never the less most of the teachers would have some props, and most of the students might also have them, so its not that expensive to make Sok poin, Wooden CNCed practice fans, Sticks with bike tires to serve as practice tools for fire staffs.

So with time and a bit of effort most of the practice tools are essentially free, but it would be nice to have professional tools.

Its not about "me" but here is my "burner CV"

I have been a fire dancer for over 2 decades and a fire photographer for the last 5 years. Been going to Nowhere, several times, last to leave, last time I whent from WTSS, to nowhere, to french rainbow, to Borderland, to JokkMoKK rainbow in sweden, and live a couple of months in Floating city in Copen hague.

I love to teach the basics of fire poi and ignite others with my passion so to pass on the flames to a lot of burners that are now becoming fire artists at Now-where, WTSS and Borderland.

This is what I do, I have a lot of time and space to help out in this project as I will complete my tiny house here in the Netherlands this summer, I can use my camper van to be self reliant and help out in Sweden (can host up to 9 people legally if you need a ride :) )

But I really would like to reach out to other flow artist and dome makers that are willing and able to co-create and make this concept work, I can and do not wish to do this alone, and I know there are so many wonderful should that are super talented and way better at some things then me, so please contact me if you collaborate on this project.

Again its not about "me" and I am confident that I am not the only one dreaming of a Flow- dojo or a free school.

<3 big Bear Hug,

Patrick van Baarle


Existing funding

Donation1 000 EUR


Dome 5 000 EUR
Hand made Flow arts props250 EUR
"Cheap" Flow art props750 EUR
Pro Flow art props1 500 EUR

Total funding goal: 6 500 EUR

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