Unicorn auction!

Borderland.land Donation Auction on Sunday May 2nd at 19:00:

What ITEM or SERVICE do YOU want to auction and donate the proceeds to Borderland.land? Auction your fanciest headgear, a piece of art, your soul, your grandmother (remember consent!), a massage, a surprise, a party, a roadtrip or your bouncy castle!!

Make an entry to auction your ITEM or SERVICE by clicking "Login or Sign up", click "New Dream" and upload some lovely pictures of exactly that thing or something that just sets the mood!! Note: This is NOT the same account as Talk, register a new account if you haven't already

You have the entire week to publish your offers. On Sunday May 2nd we will let the community bid on your stuff and the proceeds will go to make the vision of Borderland.land come true. Bidding will happen online in the live stream. Bring your generosity in both offering and bidding in the auction!


In your auction entry you need to specify following:


How may we refer to the object/service you are auctioning



Put 0kr or 10000 kr or whatever your heart tells you is right.


How many of the highest bidders will be winners of the auction. If you are offering to arrange a party or trip, maybe allow 5 or 10 or 100 winners to all bid on a ticket?

Granting settings

  • Currency


  • Allow stretch goals


Granting status

  • Total allocations

    1 000 000 SEK

  • Total contributions

    25 040 SEK

  • Total in members balances (allocations - contributions)

    974 960 SEK

  • Total contributions in funding now dreams

    24 540 SEK

  • Total contributions in funded dreams

    500 SEK