The Borderland


A summerday in the countryside

A summerday in the countryside

A trip to an idyllic village in the countryside with refreshments and lunch made from homegrown organic vegetables.

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You and up to three friends will be picked up anywhere in the greater Copenhagen region in a white Tesla model 3 electric car, and driven to an idyllic village north of Copenhagen. Here you will be given a lunch made from seasonal, homegrown, organic vegetables. Afterwards you'll be given a tour of the village. Maybe talk to the old artist and his Atelier/Museum where he restores art from churches and royalty. Walk in a lovely little art-forest, or get a spin in a human gyroscope. Or just enjoy the lovely garden in the sun with some refreshments.

In the evening be dropped of back home with a little gift basket of things made from the homegrown produce and berries.

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Minimum per person200 - 100 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 200 SEK (stretch goal: 100 000 SEK)

600 SEK

contributed of 200 SEK goal