Heavy, brown real leather flogger and lighter, more stingy black one, from bike tube rubber. Or, get me to do a flogger-making workshop at a burn we both attend

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These hand crafted floggers will spice up your bedroom and/or burns! The brown one is big! 59cm long, excluding the strap. I made it from a piece of goat leather I got in Rajastan, India, when I was travelling there 10 years ago.

The black one is 46cm long. Made from re-purposed bike tubes.

The workshop: I would have prepared all the wooden and plastic tube handles, leather and old bike tubes, glue, nails and tools, so that all you have to do is cut and put together your own delicious flogger.

By Sparklefairy / Anna Hinrichsen

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Minimum for the black rubber flogger (theres a small crack in the handle)200 SEK
Minimum for the heavy real leather flogger800 SEK
Have me do a flogger making workshop at a burn we both attend2 000 SEK
Bid100 - 100 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 3 100 SEK (stretch goal: 103 000 SEK)


contributed of 3 100 SEK goal