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Own or borrow this Deer headpi...

Own or borrow this Deer headpiece

This ultra-cute headpiece reminds me of A Midsummer Nights Dream - let it take you into that dream state as part of your new alter-ego, or just for one burn?

Make your bid here (click BL.L Auction Bid!)

The antlers are real, which make it a little heavy to wear for a whole night. BUT, it sits very well on the head, very sturdy, since the base is basically a helmet made from wire, foam and glue.

Max 3 winners.

How many of these are available to win?




Minimum for borrowing at a burn I am also attending (May-Burn, Hero Burn, Morph, Northern Lights and Bifrost(Aarhus)) (several winners possible)200 SEK
Minimum for borrowing at a burn Im NOT attending (including sending back and forth)500 SEK
Its yours forever, minimum funding1 900 SEK
Bid200 - 100 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 2 800 SEK (stretch goal: 102 600 SEK)


queen of hearts
9 days ago

Hi Anna, I'll be at Northern Lights and love love love to borrow it there. I placed the bid :D

9 days ago

I would love to bid 200 for borrowing it at The Morph <3

200 SEK

contributed of 2 800 SEK goal