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Your own party at Blivande in ...

Your own party at Blivande in Stockholm!

Blivande welcomes the winner/s of this auction item to host their very own party (when restrictions allow) at one of Stockholm's absolutely best club venues!

Make your bid here (click BL.L Auction Bid!)

Blivande houses what is likely Stockholm's most intimate club spaces, specially designed by and for burners (and other lovers of life). It features 3 large rooms (The Church, The Pillar Room and The Techno Temple), each with their own particular vibe and function. Under normal conditions we host several monthly club nights, each attended by up to 300 people. This was also the venue for Urban Burn Stockholm in 2019 as well as other burner events such as the Stockholm part of the Muumimaa tour of the Nordics.

Since then we have made use of the event restrictions in 2020 to complete a big acoustic overhaul of the main dance floor so that it now offers what is arguably the best sound in town. You and your friends would likely be one of the first organizers to enjoy this new upgrade as soon as restrictions allow!

Normally this would amount to total costs of around 35 000 kr excluding 25% VAT (for a full size event) but whoever bids the highest on Sunday will get it for free, all inclusive. The only additional costs would be the hiring of external guards if the event is large enough to require that.

To be clear it is completely up to you whether you want to charge tickets for your event or not...

IMPORTANT: Blivande reserves the right to say no to a winning bid if the organizer is not deemed to be safe to work with for whatever reason OR is obviously a commercial actor out to make private profit.

In the latter case a conventional booking is still welcome, at full price and through the normal communications channels.

How many of these are available to win?




Starting bid 1000010 000 - 100 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 10 000 SEK (stretch goal: 100 000 SEK)


9 days ago

Hampus <3 How many nights of parties will you be able to auction when the bidding goes wild?

9 days ago

We will start with one event for now as the auction time got prolonged. If there are multiple bidders we can go into discussion around arranging more for a potential total of 3 spread out over several months.

8 days ago

I know the auction happened already, and I’m so sad I missed it! I am interested in bidding on this item for a party in September (fingers crossed no more restrictions). Is it still possible to bid?


contributed of 10 000 SEK goal