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Weekend getaway to Garden of C...

Weekend getaway to Garden of Colours (Aarhus, DK)

Have a deeply relaxing weekend with our mosaic jacuzzi, south-facing veranda, house with a cascade of colors, our beautiful garden and cutest dog ever!

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We are going away next weekend (Friday May 7th-9th), and several other weekends this summer (for 5 burns and a few boat trips). You get to borrow our beloved house with space for a whole family if you like. There are 4-5 available beds, about 75m2, a big kitchen and dining space, and the cutest dog ever! Yes, the dog will usually be included, and you have to feed her and make sure she has water :) The garden is amazing, its our little paradise on earth! Everyone who bid over the minimum will be contacted with a list of dates where our house will be available this summer. If we get many bidders and it doesn't all work it out this summer, we will find a time some other time that fits both of us :D There will be at least 4 weekends and 2-4 separate weeks available this summer. The house is next to Brabrand Søen, in Åbyhøj. A bit further out from Institute for (x).

Max 7 winners.

How many of these are available to win?




Minimum for weekend500 SEK
Minimum for 5-7 day stay1 500 SEK
Bid1 - 100 000 SEK
Total2 001 - 102 000 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
2 001 SEK (stretch goal: 102 000 SEK)

1 500 SEK

funded of 2 001 SEK goal

hugi contributed 1 500 SEK