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Artists Temple Retreat Amsterd...

Artists Temple Retreat Amsterdam

Need some time out in nature? Perhaps with a lover, a friend or your family... Or some solo time? My humble home is offered to those seeking refuge and beauty.

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I'm offering my humble abode for a weekend or weeks vacation, filled with handmade artisan interior decor, large open windows, woodburner, massage table, rolltop bath, options to go kayaking or paddle boarding to the swimming platform on the lake in the garden. It's a retreat paradise with just an albums cycle away from the city center of Amsterdam. Children welcome. Dressing up (can have access to my costumes) or dressing down fully encouraged. Sleeps 5 (double bed plus sofa bed) and has options for kids on top. It's a small slice of heaven and perfect for those wanting to work on a creative project whilst getting the benifits of being close to the capital.

How many of these are available to win?

At least one.



Bid1 000 - 100 000 SEK
Total1 000 - 100 000 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
1 000 SEK (stretch goal: 100 000 SEK)

2 000 SEK

funded of 1 000 SEK goal

hugi contributed 500 SEK

hugi contributed 500 SEK

hugi contributed 1 000 SEK