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Shamanic Journeying - basic to...

Shamanic Journeying - basic tools

Get insights into this ancient and most widespread spiritual practice and learn basic shamanic tools to expand your medicine tool kit.

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Shamanism is our ancient human heritage and can serve everyone as a bridge from our daily lives to an invisible yet powerful experience, deepen our joy and connection and supports us in living a fulfilling human life.

You will ...

  • Learn the essentials about the shamanic practice and the shamanic world view
  • Do a shamanic journey to find your power place / starting place
  • Do a shamanic journey to find your power animal

For people with no or little experience in shamanism. A drum or rattle is helpful to have but not necessary. You'll need a comfy place where you feel safe and undisturbed. We will do an online jitsi meet of 1,5 - 2 hours and a check-in before to clarify any questions or desires for your experience.

I am on the shamanic path since 5 years with very grounded teachers from the Swabian alpes ;-) and my spirits. The techniques of "Core Shamanism" (M. Harner) and the continuously deepening experience of my own "shamanic landscapes" and connection to those realms are at the centre of my work and have helped me to ground and create a joyful living.

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Bid300 - 1 000 SEK
Bid300 - 1 000 SEK
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