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Accommodation in fabolous Vill...

Accommodation in fabolous Villa Valborg, Copenhagen

Enjoy a stay in fabolous Villa Valborg in Copenhagen! Up to 4 weeks in heaven!

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Villa Valborg, known as the Copenhagen Burner Hostel, offers accommodation in the cozy Villa Valborg, owned and run by Liselotte Norman. She will serve you coffee, tea or juice of your choosing every morning, and - if wanted - make you a nice porridge or other kinds of food. Not that she is good at it, but she'll try her best. You will get a room of your own (not big, but cozy) and free access to the wine shelf and the fridge (just don't eat her roomie's food). Villa Valborg is located in Valby, 3 stops on the S-train from Copenhagen Central.
Up to 2 people at the time, but an year round thing :-)

How many of these are available to win?

At least one.



Beverages, food, hot water, loo paper :-). Minimum bid per week for 1 person200 SEK
Bid range200 - 100 000 SEK
Total400 - 100 200 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
400 SEK (stretch goal: 100 200 SEK)

200 SEK

funded of 400 SEK goal

hugi contributed 200 SEK