Tantric Massage

I will provide private sessions of Tantric Massage, developing your tantric energies into energy (non-sexual) orgasms and an even more free life!

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As part of my education and acquire my diploma as Tantric masseur, I want to donate one or more tantric massage sessions. Yoni or Lingam massage is included most oftenly on the second session.

Tantric massage is a sensual form of massage that utilises the energy flows and chakras in the body (energy centres in Tantra philosophy). Using the core principles of Tantra spirituality, a tantric massage manipulates the body through touch and sensation to induce a deep state of relaxation, sensuality and sexual liberation.

Tantric massages are considered part of the spiritual and philosophical ideology of Tantra that first emerged in ancient India over a thousand years ago. In these early teachings and today, Tantra is a means of centring the energies of the body and soul to dispel negativity and awaken the spirit.

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