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Work in Progress #2, New Media...

Work in Progress #2, New Media Days 2010 edition

Ink on archival paper. Automated pen drawing, performed by a reprogrammed 80's Roland Plotter. Drawing #2. Unique, Signed and numbered edition.

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This is a generative drawing, the second edition in a numbered series produced by my old Roland Plotter after it got a microchip transplant in 2010.

After a series of readings of the magnetic field in that particular instant the plotter decided on some random lines and drew them carefully on archival paper, while increasing the price until a line got to close to the edge. In this instance it happened quite rapidly.

The plotter signed the drawing, and the original price still reflects the minimum bid.

With the help of me, the plotter will send the original drawing to the highest bidder.

It has a homepage with a video too:

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Initial bid527 - 100 000 SEK
Total527 - 100 000 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
527 SEK (stretch goal: 100 000 SEK)

600 SEK

funded of 527 SEK goal

hugi contributed 600 SEK