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Project Any True Meaning - Art for understanding consent

Flowers, colors, desserts, and verbs/action phrases will be sourced from members of various Facebook Events and Groups including but not limited to:
Nowhere/Euroburners, Netherlands Burner Community, Burning Nest, Burning Man Boston, Burners Burning and Flipside Flipizens.
Words (flowers, colors, desserts, and verbs/action phrases) gathered from Facebook users will be stored in a database and used for creating consent poems. Once a poem is created by a user of Project ATM’s software application, the poem shall be stored in a database containing consent poems.

In addition to poetry database contributions, Project ATM is seeking software developers who can help make improvements to the ATM's User Interface. We can offer access to our GitHub site and Google Drive. Electrical engineering and construction help may also be needed in the Amsterdam area. Please contact Laura ter Maten for additional details (

We are working with burners across many countries to develop the design for the ATM kiosk and Version 3 software, which will enable printing of consent poems. It is important to note that Project ATM will be building two ATM kiosks within Europe for testing the design. One ATM kiosk will be displayed at Where the Sheep Sleep as required by the ArtJump grant awarded by Burning Man Netherlands, and we intend to take a second ATM kiosk to The Borderland.

To reduce costs and increase the sustainability of the project, we are seeking pre-owned devices (tablet, printer, car batteries, solar panels) and repurposed materials for this project through various marketplaces and Facebook groups.