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Luis de Miranda, The Philosophical Inspirer


I am Luis de Miranda, PhD, Philosophical counselor. You and I will dialogue about your existence, your life vision and how to achieve your dreams and transform your potential into realities. Find me by the Sanctuary: I will help you clarify your thoughts.

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I will be part of the Sanctuary team. Will offer 45 minute individual dialogue sessions as I do at the Philosophical Parlour in Stockholm (my office). I usually charge 500 kr but of course here I will do it pro bono.

About the group/Artist

Luis de Miranda, PhD, is a philosopher and an international author of fiction and non-fiction. His books, chief among them Who Killed the Poet?, have been translated or are being translated in several countries.

Paris (France) has published his first books (for example L’Art d’être libres au temps des automates). Shortly after his essay Is a New Life Possible? was published in English in 2013, he was offered a prestigious research scholarship and in November 2017 became a Doctor of Philosophy at The University of Edinburgh. His PhD thesis is a philosophical intellectual history of esprit de corps. In Edinburgh, Luis de Miranda also conducted interdisciplinary research in anthrobotics and the philosophy of technology, and initiated the CRAG research group on “creation of reality”, through which he organised international conferences and workshops. Luis also has a Master of Philosophy from the Sorbonne University and graduated from HEC-Paris in Economics.

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