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    Come to CAMP YUMMY, it's delicious! It's a Sex positive Space with a space age twist.
    Let's have lots of fun together! We are a non profit event crew from Copenhagen.

    Full description of the concept

    With many years of experience organising special rooms for events like ... Kinky Salon, Grotesque Burlesque & Manifest Fetish Club in Copenhagen, Team Yummy is a very Delicious Group of capable individuals. We count among us an artist, dancer, technical inventor & innovator, and carpenter, and we are ready to add Borderland to our repertoire. We will bring our very own special kind of 'Yumminess' and weird it up, just for you.

    A Sex positive Space with a space age twist
    Virtual Entrance greeter, Wizard of oz Style - (using Smoke, mirrors, and a projector or two ;) )
    A large rotating bed for the Playroom
    A see-through voyeuristic 'Love Dome', (Watch people make love while toasting marshmallows by the fire)
    Easy to see Camp Site Locator - Floating Wedding Dress & Dementor, With LED's & Spotlight
    Large erotic hand sculpted Doorway
    The Yummy Snack Table is not just for physical hunger, but sensual food-play allowing for even more sexual possibilities.

    We already have some creative gear from our previous events, but to pull this off and keep those who come into our warm and wet embrace, we need your support!
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    Come and join us at Team Yummy! We can always use a hand more!

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    Valuable Equipment: The see-through voyeuristic 'Love Dome' is a transparent bubble tent. Consumables: Fruits & erotically usable vegetables as well as sweet and succulent delights for sensual food-play.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes.

    • Will there be light? We already have 150 foot of LED lighting, with some spots as well from our team projects.

    • Safety implications Many of my team are well trained in fire regulations as well as some medical safety awareness.

    • What is your audio footprint? Each of our playrooms will contain music that creates atmosphere, but more mood driven than loud.

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