BLUNDER! Borderland Tinder interactive immersive art


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    What would it be like if you treated people in real life just like you do on Tinder. This is a game show and interactive art work that revels and and satirising the shitty, reductive, dehamanising, sexist, objectifying ways we behave in online dating.

    Full description of the concept

    After the minimum funding is achieved, additional funds will be spent on additional functionality:
    The basic game has swiping two ways: yes and no. The stretch goal enables a third: swiping for "next photo". To do that we will need a small dressing up box of stuff that people can quickly get changed into. Plus some props to suit the tinder cliches like a a stuffed tiger or a massive fish.

    Another additional function:
    Stick on emojis. Want to tell your match how you feel about them but are too damn lazy for words. Stick on a smiley, an aubergine or a peach.


    BLUNDER (working title) aka Border Tinder.

    A controversial artwork highlighting and revelling in the shitty world of online dating.

    How would it feel to swipe past real people, to objectify them in front of their face just as you do online? Could you do it?
    Or would you rather objectify yourself? Become nothing more than a series of live photos to be swiped through, a few emojis to be misunderstood. Will you be swiped left or right?

    With the help of our gold clad sexy gameshow hosts, our song and dance numbers, and our life size mobile iphone, oh yes you can. This is the classic TV gameshow, Blind Date, for the Tinder Generation.

    A mobile iphone wonders the borderland. It's wonderful game show hosts build and audience, and when we have enough people, we line up to play BorderTinder. You can swipe or be swiped, either way, the experience will be so awful that you just have to laugh. And for the matches, we will create actual, wonderful, real life dates for you to go on right here right now.

    You might just find love.

    About the group/Artist

    Nadaav has been putting on satirical comedic performance art with a punch since 2015. At his first borderland he brought The Sinners' Sermon, an immersive theatrical satirical comedy on morality, power, sexuality and authority. And lots of silly underwear. Since then he has written and performed shows at Nest, Nowhere, Burning Man and many other burns as well as theatres and venues in London.

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    Co-creators needed!

    I would love to hear from someone in sweden or denmark who would like to help with the simple build aspect as I am in the UK.

    At the event, we will need gameshow hosts to take the installation around the borderland, building a party crowd as they go and running the game.

    Grant application details

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    transport to get the artwork to and from the build location - location TBC at present. The artwork can be stored and reused in subsequent years, subject to suitable storage being found - not currently in budget. Transport budget is estimated, to cover a share of a van, return journey, shared with other projects/camps

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