Hugtopus the Octopus!


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    Hugtopus, the all embracing octopus is waiting to be born. You can sit, lay, cuddle, chill or maybe even catch a nap it its warm, soft and colorful arms. Each will be 4 meters long so there'll be room for many borderlings and much love!

    Full description of the concept

    Hugtopus' loving arms will be 4 meters long and there'll be 8 of them. So when/if stretched out it will be approximately 9 meters long/wide. It will be made from fabric and there'll be something soft inside. The outer fabric is from various second hand plaids/blankets in plenty of colors and materials, and it'll stuffed with something soft. Ideally it's made from fabric scraps, filling from second hand duvets and such, but I imagine we will need to buy foam filling too, as we'll need a lot of filling.
    You can sit on it, lay on it, cuddle in its arms. Everyone joining the Octopus' arms will be intertwined. If someone moves around in one arm, other people in other arms may feel it too. Hugtopus will be there for everyone who needs a soft and comfy place to chill or just hang out with your new, old or soon-to-be friends. To make sure it stays warm and comfy it will need to be placed somewhere dry! It will also need some help with transportation between Copenhagen and the Borderland.

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    Absolutely! The more, the merrier! 32 meters of arms will take some time to gather materials for and will take some time to sew. Anyone willing to help out is more than welcome. If someone has a camp where Hugtopus would fit in, it would be great. If Hugtopus can be a part of someone else's dream it would be even greater!

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    I don't have a car and hardly know anyone with a car, and we'll need to have the octopus transported from Copenhagen to the Bordlerland. Hopefully it can be transported among other things/projects/dreams. I don't expect it to cost a lot, but we'll just need to keep the transportation in mind.

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    • Will there be light? I want to add some light in its eyes, yes! ^_^

    • Safety implications It should not be placed next to a bon fire.

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