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    As I was wandering alone at night in the darkness, surrounded by the pulsating music and blurry silhouettes of people in the distance, I found myself looking for a home.
    And then, I remembered my Key…🗝

    Full description of the concept

    Coming Home Camp provides a home for every Borderling and invites you to engage in any of our daily workshops of arts, crafts, up-cycling, yoga, breath-work, poetry, singing etc. Be it during the day or the night, you can also come here to, relax, drink a cup of tea and hang out with us. You are welcome to be part of our dreamy family whenever you feel like “going back Home” during an intense festival week!

    Our intention is to create a domed-orangery with a porch, an outdoor kitchen equipped with a clay oven, and a little garden. The dome, porch and kitchen will host various activities and workshops during the week, and are made for You! Once you pass the Garden Gate the Coming Home Family will welcome and greet you with tea, cookies, and a special trinket. Here, you will be loved and accepted as you are - by the Homies but also by yourself!!

    Everyday is a new day in the Dome-Home, filled with different characters of the Family. A Mom will be there. A Dad also. The Auntie is also around, as well as Grandpa. No matter who's at home, you're always welcome just as you are. As the family member you always dreamt to be.

    Spaces in our Home and some of the activities planned for each space:

    - Meet your family members, costumed family constellation play
    - Meditation
    - Tea drinking
    - Philosophy
    - Hang out in a warm and covered space
    - Workshops in case of rain or wind
    - Soothing music/Soundscapes

    2. THE PORCH (round flat space outside the Dome-Home)
    - Yoga & Borderland co-created yoga book
    - Capoeira workshops
    - Make your own music box-workshop
    - Barrel organ playing + singing
    - Modern home series of Workshops: 1) Introduction 2) zero waste products making 3) Up-cycling workshop

    - Make-Your-Own-Pizza-Party
    - Daily cakes & Tea
    - Camp meals

    4. THE GARDEN (tents placed in a circular shape around the dome)
    - Activities in our garden
    - Hang things in the trees, etc.
    - Poetry reading/writing
    - Philosophy walks/talks

    🔑 Your are the one with the key to your inner Home 🔑

    NB: Part of the Camp Coming Home is also "The Great Source" project ( which is a place dedicated to each and everyone's inner source of grief, understanding & finally, freedom.

    About the group/Artist

    The Homies are a mix of British, Danish, French, German, Israeli, and Swedish Borderlings. The Coming Home Camp will rise for the first time for Borderland 2018 and will gather 25 souls.

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    - Workshops: everybody is welcome throughout the week to participate to the different workshops - if you want to host a workshop that you feel is in line with the camp's philosophy, feel free to contact us!
    - Make-Your-Own-Pizza-Party: one evening during the week (day TBC), you are invited to a drop-in party!
    - Clay-Oven: all Borderlings are also welcome to use our clay-oven which will be on circ. 3h per day. The last hour will be OPEN for ANYONE to USE!

    Grant application details

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    - Costumes: we will host a Tarot Character Playing workshop inspired by role play with family constellations which will be open to all Borderlings. - Consumables: we will host different workshops, a food party, and will provide cakes/cookies as part of our "welcoming ceremony" to all Borderlings.. The food will not replace our Camp meal and they will be able to bring some stuff back (beauty products, notebooks, jewellery, etc.) from the workshops they will attend. - Valuable equipment: in order to create the space of our Terrace, we would need to create a flat surface/platform in order to host workshops such as capoeira, daily co-created yoga, and have a barrel organ

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? 4KWatts

    • Will there be light? The camp will be partially illuminated at night, meaning that the Dome will have some fairy lights and so on lit up so that people can still see when coming in and out. But no light installation.

    • Safety implications HAZARDS: - Electricity: Potential bad setup electrical solutions for the limited sound & light equipment with regard to rain etc. - Fire: Clay-oven - Wind : Exposition to strong winds for the Dome dome PRECAUTIONS: Electricity: Use of rainproof cables etc. Fire: Compulsory presence of a person from the camp when the oven will be on + fire extinguisher Wind: Dome will have to be stabilised in the ground + that's why we are favouring a non-exposed placement.

    • What is your audio footprint? We will be playing some music, mainly day-time, chill-out music/soundscapes except for some workshops and live barrel organ playing. Meaning we are not a sound camp but will still have some music.

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