BorderPay - "Get your money back"


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    a anarkistik provocation or neo liberal assholery . Give your hearts to this dream and we will give it back to you no questions asked

    Full description of the concept

    Do you want to buy something for you dream that is against the guidelines.?
    Do you want to subsidize your ticket because of low income or greed ?

    give you hearts to "payback" and we will transfer it back to you

    There is no receipts for the hearts given - so the work around is that you record a short mobile video with your name and the screen where you transfer x hearts to the "borderpay" show it to me at borderland and i will transfer it to you at Normcores taxreturn G+T audit party at the Bunny-horse Bar.

    About the group/Artist

    Dreamlead letting of steam

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