Dragon Mutant Vehicle

☆Gigi Stardust☆

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  • Summary

    Ever thought the quarry is the perfect breeding ground for dragons? You are in luck, because a fire breathing mutant disco dragon is upon us. Dance for it when spotting it’s body and wings covered in LEDs, glowing disco ball eyes, and fire spitting head.

    Full description of the concept

    The dragon body is made around a Cargo Bike. The dragon will come to life with spokes and levers that make the head and wings move. We will install LEDs to make the eyes and mouth glow. More LED strips will be attached to the body and the silhouette of the wings. In the mouth we will install a bubble machine, smoke machine and a small pyrotechnical flame thrower to spits flames.
    A fire extinguisher will be around. Inside the dragon will be a sound machine. A smaller concept-art of the head is already made in will be used as a template for the metal head.

    About the group/Artist

    My name is ☆ Gigi stardust ☆ I'm an artist and veteran Burner. I am passionate about art involving light, fire and interactiveness, craziness and tomfoolery.

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    We need someone who knows pyrochtechnics. Also crazy engineer-savy people, who are good with moving mechanical parts.

    Grant application details

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    We are using a second hand cargo bike, which can be reused in other projects for the community. We will share the transport costs with other camps. The only consumables are linked to the dragon giving an amazing show of soap bubbles, smoke and fire.

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    • Will there be light? Glowing on the inside and outside via LED strip lights. The will be on the wings, underbelly, eyes and mouth. And FIIIIREEEEEE!!!!

    • Safety implications There will be a fire extinguisher around all times to ensure the safety for the participants. Further we will block the wheels at all times so the bike can't roll away.

    • What is your audio footprint? A small sound system will be inside the vehicle, but we will keep it to a sound level that only effect the nearest participants.

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