Borderland Sequin Moment of Zen


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    Have a moment of Zen stroking a big piece of reversible dual coloured sequin fabric. Watch it change from one colour to another and back again. Do it again. Repeat. Do nothing else.

    Full description of the concept

    Have a moment of zen, but keep the sparkle. Put all the many impressions, experiences and clutter from just another day in the quarry on hold.
    Stroke some shiny sequin, just for a moment...10 hour...see if you can stop again.

    I have seen the joy in peoples eyes, young and old, when they get to stroke this dual colour reversible sequin fabric. This needs to be at Borderland as well.
    It will take form as a pillow of decent size.

    Small scale art piece that interacts with Borderlings at random times.
    It will have a home, but It will be moving around in the quarry. One day It could be found at the beach... at HighbearNation... at the Shadow Bunnies, another time in the Foxhole or maybe on a dancefloor somewhere.
    Random Bordelings just being able to get a moment of Sequin Zen.

    About the group/Artist

    Brought to you by the Artist who also have done Paint with your body, the Bubble wagon and big Soapbubbles

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