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    TJUMFI is a small and hyggelig soundstage for great electronic music, with chill-out corner, soap bubbles, glittery deco and maybe MyLittlePony! TJUMFI - the bastard child of Umfi Umfi from BL 2017 !

    Full description of the concept

    TJUMFI is a little electronic music child. Smaller in size than it's father, Umfi Umfi, that we kindled last year, but with same sound- and music quality- but a little less ambitious :) Cosy atmosphere closer to the Pyramid, groovy vibe, dayparties, lots of love and hugs. Music will be: deephouse, techhouse, playatech, downtempo and techno. DJ's can find us during BL, and sign up to play.
    This year, Kashmiri Bazaar , Good Vibe Tribe and Umfi Umfi will not there, and many people have asked: Where can we find the good, electronic music stuff that we love so much? Let's go to TJUMFI!

    We will build a small DJ booth, cosy - is a key word - lots of LEDs and My Little Ponys, of course! Throw in a few silver coloured barbie dolls, glitter hanging from bicycle wheels, LEDS at night, soap bubble machine and then viola: you have TJUMFI.
    Chill out area in one corner with pillows and matreses and a projector for some groovy lights. We won't deny the possibilty of a few UV lights as well. Heck, maybe even a TINY disco ball can be found at TJUMFI!

    We would love to host awesome day parties! And of course to play music until the curfew sets in! It's not about playing loud music, it's about playing good music at a comfortable level .

    TJUMFI is the small bastard child of Umfi Umfi soundstage 2017.
    TJUMFI was conceived on a dark and stormfull night last year in the heart of Borderland, under the full moon, covered by glitter and glam.
    TJUMFI was not a planned child, nevertheless it's here now and we can't deny it and: WE LOVE IT. It's reaching out with it's tiny small techno arms and begging us to keep it. No one knows who the mother is .......

    About the group/Artist

    We are 3 of the UMFI UMFI founders from last year: Malene, Tobias and Christoffer

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    We are open for electronic music dj's, who want to play. Equipment will probably be: Pioneer mixer + CDJs, so all you need to bring is USB and headphones. More info later. Genres played at TJUMFI will be mainly: techno, techhouse, deephouse, playatech, downtempo and similar styles. So if you play folk music or death metal - (which we of course also love) - TJUMFI might not be the place.

    If people want to help with some building or deco or baking a cake or mixing a margherita or creating a fluffy chill out corner --- would be lovely.

    There are already so many signed up to help!! Thank you so much! Head over to our facebook group for info :) Yeaaaahhhh

    Grant application details

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    We have read the guidelines and know that genrerally BL does not give funding to rental of soundsystem. However we are asking for an exception here. I order to create a party, we need music. Since we are all poor hippies, none of us have a big soundsystem in our garage. But luckily we know a guy (burner) who knows a guy who has probably the best soundsystem you can get! It's called Funktion One, and the sound is so smooth for the ears, that you don't get a headache from listening to it all day/night, and you don't get those annoying sqweeking sounds either. All sound is perfectly balance with this sound system. Our burner friend knows a lot about this, and is co-creating TJUMFI with us, in order to get the best sound and party ever! And his friend has given us a really, really good price for rental ALL WEEK. Last year, when we saw the faces of the burners who came to Umfi Umfi to dance, hang out, party, be silly, hug, kiss, be sexy, be free, be radical, express themselves and do all kinds of ridiculous stuff on and off the dancefloor, it made us happy to the bone. This feeling is what we want to create again at TJUMFI. On a smaller scale and location, but same feeling of joy and happiness. TJUMFI will not be made possible if we don't get funding for the sound system. As simple as that :)

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