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  • Summary

    A cosy place to enjoy fruits, bodies and thoughts. Come for workshops, relaxation, cuddling or a cup of tea.

    Full description of the concept

    We are going to build a artsy heptagon tent from wooden trunks and different pieces of cloth. We will make it deliciously cosy, with mattresses, pillows and blankets. In our tent, we will serve fruit, tea and magic homegrown (legal) herbs. We will hold several workshops, but it will also be a place where borderlings can come and relax, cuddle or just hang out.

    The following types of workshops will be offered:
    - Massage workshops (with and without clothing)
    - Intimacy workshops (less or more juicy)
    - Deep relaxation sessions
    - Couples group therapy/conversations
    - Communication workshops
    - Discussion circles
    - Active listening and problem solving
    - ….and more mixed fruits!

    About the group/Artist

    We are a mixed group of 25 experienced burners and newcomers who wants to share what we like doing.

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    We will hold several varied workshops and hope that there will be something that can suit everyone. If you have your own idea of a workshop, you are very welcome to hold it in our tent. Please contact us before or just drop by during the festival and we will find a free spot in the schedule for you.

    Grant application details

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    The tent will be built with several long natural logs, around 3m in length. These needs to be transported in a trailer. The trailer will be used to carry all other stuff for the tent as well. If there is room left we will contact other camps along our route to see if there is something that we can bring along (Especially Gothenburg-based camps). The consumables consists of massage oil for workshops.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. The Dreams Platform is a place where participants share their dreams.


    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes, but not much. Some LED-strips for lighting and a very minor speaker. Some phone charging. So, at peak maybe around 50W.

    • Will there be light? Yes, by LED-strips, mostly inside but hopefully even on the outside.

    • Safety implications There will be no fire permitted in or around the tent, so there should be no major security implications. People can exit the tent through all directions if need be.

    • What is your audio footprint? Nothing more than the sounds of delight.

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