Julian Belea


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breathe! WOW!

Full description of concept

Walls are always standing. We don't see walls that seem to breathe or have a sense of aliveness in them.
I will create a wall that breathes wonder into your eyes down into your heart
Now you can stare and experience a hypnotic geometry!

Mesmerized by the color.
It's like having the sea on the walls and it's about getting lost in this living, organic deeply trippy lively caleidoscope!
It's borderly aesthetic, with soomth textured colors, awesomely psychedelic, even without psychedelics.
It's a vibrant eleventh dimension of the flat wall that had enough with being flat!

A few hundred small motors and small LEDs can drive a white surface to appear like a moving tessellated geometry

Team and plan

Simion Iulian Belea - getting things done
Nuno Neto - designing the light
Olle Bjerkås - he invented magic
Time plan:
April-May - order parts and materials
May-June-July - build and deploy the Wall!

We have already done a significant part of the initial prototyping. We just need to scale up!

Moop plan (matter out of place)

Assemble everything there. Disassemble everything and get it back to CPH.
Some wooden parts will be burned at the end.

How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

Anybody able to follow a few basic construction instructions can help there.
Anybody with the will the help in driving a 3D wave simulation to a bunch of servo-motors is more than welcome to help with the design and initial testing!

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


  • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes - about 1000 to 2000 W - not much more than an ordinary hair dryer.

  • Will there be light? Yes - with gazillions of LEDs

  • Will anything burn? No unintentional burn as I'm a short-circuit atheist.

  • What is your audio footprint? Very very very tiny small. As much as the wings of o a tiny bumblebee a mile away.

  • Forces of nature Yes. I will put it inside the pyramid, enclosed in it's own box.

  • Next random dream