Burn Night Fireworks & Flaming Flow Show


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  • Summary

    We dream of making a grand Burn Night Spectacle! This means More impressive Fireworks synchronised in beat with epic Music and a choreography of Firedancers from the Flow arts camp ...and probably a Gasoline explosion or two just to get the fire going ;)

    Full description of the concept

    Starting the fire on Burn night is a central part of any burn and is perhaps the time where most Borderlines are gathered to share a climax of all the weeks adventures.
    We dream for this years burn night to be extra magical by having fire dancers do a choreography to music, accentuated by fireworks and pyrotechnic effects going off.

    By having more Music, Fireworks and Dancers working together we hope to make this occasion extra spectacular and memorable.
    ...and make Damn sure that the fire gets of to a roaring start ;)

    - We will co-create the choreography during the week together with any who wish to join in.
    - We will have electrical ignition of the fireworks in order to make it fit into the dancers choreography.
    - We will start the fire with gasoline fireballs for a good UMPHH! effect

    About the group/Artist

    Oded & Flemming are both pyrotechnics and like to play with fire. We want to make a Firework display which is more artful and controlled than just lighting a fuse and going wow thats pretty.. So enter Flow-artists and music to see if we can make everything come together in a great dance =)

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    Anyone who likes to flowdance with fire or want to build fire spewing contraptions are most welcome to join =D
    - if you have a soundsystem or an art car which can play music for the show we need you there for the Show!

    Grant application details

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    - Fireworks and kerosene are consumables ...though not the edible kind ;) We strongly feel they need to be part of the show if it is to be a succes =D - We want to rent a controller box in order to be able to time the fireworks to the music. - Extra transport is mandatory as the fireworks have to be picked up on the day of being used and can not be stored on site during the week.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Possibly some power needed for the sound system if we can't make a collaboration with a mobile sound car.

    • Will there be light? YES! by Fire, Propane, Gunpowder & Gasoline.

    • Safety implications A safety perimeter will be established and manned by observers, Fire extinguishers and fireblankets will be at hand, proper warning signs for fireworks and certified personnel to handle them, permit from the municipality. We will be having safety orientations for the dancers and other people who need to be within the perimeter during the show.

    • What is your audio footprint? We hope to be playing music for the fire dancers choreography.

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