Hal Couzens / Doctor Lobster


A bright light flickering deep in the forest draws the bravest and most curious fireflies of Borderland into the woods for a profound encounter with the natural reality we all face.

Full description of concept

Death might as well shout itself hoarse for all the attention we pay it before its often untimely arrival.
An eternal loop video installation depicting a decaying horse, disturbing at first glance as the image is grim and predominantly about death. Yet the longer one watches, the more one notices the life in the image - flies, bugs, birds, grass, butterflies... All part of the beautiful and natural cycle of life and death. One hears the flies and wind. And every now and then the alarming roar of someone in a car whizzing obliviously past this roadside moment.
The natural lighting in the scene changes slowly yet dramatically from grim overcast to bright, cheery sunny. As one watches so one’s mood changes with this lighting shift. The longer one sits with the piece the more one recognises the certainty yet peace of death, understanding its place within nature and our own lives.
I love life but I am glad that one day I will die. To die is the greatest adventure. And death is a threshold we cannot peek over before our time. I am content to wait a while longer for that day happily knowing it will come.
I created this piece for Burning Man in 2009 and would like to reprise it for The Borderland in order to provoke discussion about this subject. It appeared to have a great impact on a lot of people ... This sounds like 'sad' art but isn't ... its awesome!

Team and plan

Assistance to assemble parts onsite would be a way to help, as well as switching on and off at dusk and dawn. I may be able to transport a lot of things there from UK but if not there will be a lot more building onsite required and I would need to borrow some tools!

Moop plan (matter out of place)

Very few moving parts - most things live inside a locked box. Minimal moop possibility and on my morning and evening visits to turn on and off I will remove any mood anyone else has created.

How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

Carpentry could be handy along with some help to set-up and take down. The screen and projection system can be used for an odd alternative screening if someone wanted to show something but again I want this piece to be fairly off the beaten path as seclusion adds to the message. LET US KNOW IF ANYONE HAS A SPARE BACKUP PROJECTOR THEY CAN OFFER AS A STANDBY IN CASE THE FIRST FAILS

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


  • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes,

  • Will there be light? yes - it is itself a video projection piece. It should be in a dark place and will be self-illuminating by its nature. There rear side of the screen will have led's on it as will the line of chairs to observe the work from.

  • Will anything burn? No

  • What is your audio footprint? Small - but it very much benefits from being in a super quiet place itself

  • Forces of nature Planning on rebar/stakes to fix the overall screen structure down. Screen structure itself is built to withstand the wind. Chairs would be staked in place too.

  • Next random dream